Canadian Dictator Justin Trudeau Has a Plan to Punish Truckers

This has not been a good few weeks for Canadian leader Justin Trudeau. His liberal government is under enormous pressure, due to a huge convoy of truckers who have occupied his capital city.

The truckers and their Freedom Convoy are all about ending COVID restrictions, vaccine mandates, and Trudeau’s harsh regulations that are killing business.

Protests started after Trudeau’s government put in a vaccine mandate for US-Canada border crossing, placing a knife in the backs of truckers. Even though the vast majority are vaccinated, tens of thousands had enough and decided to rise up.

The world has been watching, cheering on the truckers, while Trudeau fled to an unknown location, claiming he now has COVID.

The story isn’t over yet; this petty liberal tyrant is coming back with a plan for revenge on the truckers who have humiliated him so badly in front of the whole world.

Trudeau Has a Plan for Revenge

The trucker convoy that rolled into Canada’s capital of Ottawa was joined by American truckers and cheered on from the sides of the highways. It’s the largest truck convoy in world history, surpassing 44 miles in length.

It left Trudeau badly humiliated as he ran for shelter to a secret location. Folks online began tweeting about him as the #CowardoftheCottage, while Trudeau made a statement on live TV, saying the truckers are disrespectful and anti-Canadian.

Now, he’s coming out with more: he’s tasked his Transport Minister Omar Alghabra to put in place vaccine mandates in between Canada’s provinces (states). In other words, truckers are about to be completely crushed if they won’t get the vaccine.

They won’t even be able to travel within Canada!

Canadians who are unvaccinated already can’t leave their own country, even by land borders. They also can’t enter Canada if they are abroad and unvaccinated.

Trudeau Doubles Down

As the entitled son of former liberal authoritarian Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau is a petty tyrant, just like his dad. He doesn’t like what’s happened or the humiliation he’s undergone on the world stage.

Now, he’s pushing through these new mandates to double down and force any unvaccinated truckers into unemployment and poverty.

The logic here is obvious and chilling: Trudeau wants to do one of two things.

He either wants truckers to get the message and back down from their protest, as they continue to occupy his capital and embarrass him; or he wants to provoke them into anger and cause some to commit crimes or violence so he can have Canada’s own version of January 6.

This would then justify an even more intense crackdown on the unvaccinated, who Trudeau already said should not be “tolerated” and must be “dealt with.”

Let’s Be Honest…

There are still many truckers working as normal and delivering goods.

The trucker protests in Canada are huge, but Trudeau is making a gamble that he can crush them under his fascist bootheel and walk on with his power solidified…

Now is the time to put on your trucker hat and show your support for Canada’s truckers and their stand against this twisted leftist nutjob.