Canadian Dictator Justin Trudeau Threatens Upcoming Purge Against the Unvaxxed

Canadian dictator Justin Trudeau is what Joe Biden would sound like if he could put a sentence together. Trudeau is a failed actor and the son of former Canadian authoritarian leftist leader Pierre Trudeau.

He knows how to act serious and deliver his lines, but he’s also a sniveling coward and hypocrite. That’s why he chose to announce his latest threat against unvaccinated Canadians in Canada’s second official language of French.

Trudeau was hoping nobody would notice; actually, they did notice. Now, the remaining patriots in the Great White North are red-hot with rage at this incompetent weakling and his violent threats.

Trudeau Threatens the Unvaccinated

Trudeau recently appeared on a Quebec TV show where he went on an unhinged rant that looked like it came from Fidel Castro or Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Speaking about Canada’s high vaccination rate and the high vax rate of French Canada in Quebec, Trudeau said the minority of remaining unvaxxed are racists who hate women and don’t believe in science.

Currently, 77.4% of Canada is fully vaccinated and 90% received at least one shot of the COVID vaccine.

Trudeau said the remaining minority who don’t trust the vaccines are horrible people who should not be “tolerated.” He said they deny science and they are the reason people are still getting sick.

Speaking angrily like the dictator he is, Trudeau lashed out at those who still have questions about the vaccines, saying they are occupying space and ruining the future.

He said all this in French, but subtitles are a thing that exists and English Canada – as well as America and the world – heard his tyrannical words loud and clear.

Trudeau: ‘Fierce’ Opponents of Vaccine Must be Made to Fulfill Their ‘Duty’

According to Trudeau, those who actively oppose the COVID vaccines are endangering everyone and must be made to do their “duty” like the 84% of vaccinated Quebecois and 90% of vaccinated Canadians have done.

Part of the irony for Trudeau is it’s not just conservatives or those who voted against him who aren’t getting the shots in Canada.

Many on the far left and progressive alternative folks in Canada deeply distrust his narrative and believe the vaccines may not be as safe as advertised.

Despite winning Canada’s last election, where he unsuccessfully sought a majority government to fully press down his bio-fascism on the population, Trudeau is still in power.

The Only Good News

The only good news at this point is with every word, Justin Trudeau erodes what remains of his base. This braindead, progressive psychopath has run out of goodwill, even in ultra-polite Canada.

Let’s hope the remaining safeguards of Canada’s system can reign him in before he has a chance to become even more extreme and start acting out his insane dictatorial fantasies.