Canadian Liberal Politician Exposed Himself Naked During Government Zoom Call

Zoom Call For Doug's Birthday by Joe Shlabotnik is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

A Canadian liberal politician recently made waves after exposing his birthday suit on a government Zoom call. 

No, it wasn’t Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, just someone from his Liberal party.

Liberal Member of Parliament William Amos represents the Quebec district of Pontiac and apparently had been having a little bit too much fun when work came calling. 

Screenshots show him standing in front of Canadian and Quebec flags with a cell phone covering his junk. 

A fellow Liberal politician looks down like a dour librarian as the clueless progressive stands with his maple leaf waving in the wind. 

How Did This Happen?

According to Amos, he was just coming back from a run and didn’t realize that his Zoom call had already started. Oops. 

“This was an unfortunate error. My video was accidentally turned on as I was changing into my work clothes after going for a jog,” he said.

“I sincerely apologize to my colleagues in the House of Commons for this unintentional distraction. Obviously, it was an honest mistake and it won’t happen again,” Amos added.

The incident was brought by a member of Canada’s Bloc Quebecois party – which wants to separate from the country. The member, Claude DeBellefeuille, brought it up later in parliament, arguing that Amos had breached “decorum” by not wearing clothes. 

Breaching decorum is certainly one way you could put it. 

House Speaker Anthony Rota agreed with DeBellefeuille’s comments and told politicians to always take care when near a video camera or recording device. That would seem to be common sense for even the least of us, but apparently for our political overlords it’s a little complicated to get through their thick heads. 

On the other hand, at least Amos didn’t pull a Jeffrey Toobin, a CNN “legal expert” and progressive creep who was caught masturbating on Zoom last year and relieved of his job at the New Yorker in the aftermath. 

Apparently Toobin was able to be a legal expert for CNN and write at the New Yorker but not smart enough to turn off his Zoom before toobin’ his own horn. 

canada man by Photo Robbins is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Back to Canada…

Canada, which is currently undergoing very strict COVID lockdowns including random police spot checks of anyone driving outside their homes, could use a little bit of a comedy break. 

The country is being run by the United Nations mouthpiece Trudeau and one province – Ontario – has even domestically shut down all its borders to other provinces due to a few thousand people from its 15 million population being in hospital. 

Meanwhile masks which kindergartners were being forced to use in Canada were found to contain asbestos, so it’s fair to say that Canada’s progressive health authorities are doing just as bad or worse a job as they are in the United States. 

Canada is facing its own form of “Faucism” and the new normal is turning out to be very abnormal indeed. The only comparable equivalent stateside is the blue state push to make mask mandates permanent in places like Oregon and the imposition of vaccine passports in place in various states such as New York

It sounds like Amos really did just make a mistake, and his fellow party member Mark Holland said that Amos was completely embarrassed.

“I don’t think there was any ill intent. It’s certainly an unfortunate circumstance,” said Holland.

“This is a warning to everybody. You’ve got to really always assume that camera is on and be very careful any time you wander anywhere near that camera that you’re dressed appropriately.” 

Good advice for all of us, to be honest.