Canadian Politician Takes Brave Stand Against Ruling Leftist Regime

Canadian politician Maxime Bernier is taking a brave stand against the leftist regime in Canada. He’s already been arrested for speaking out against lockdowns and vaccine passports, but he’s not giving up. 

Bernier was formerly part of Canada’s so-called “Conservative” Party, but left in 2018 when he realized the party wasn’t serious about protecting Canadian values.

Bernier formed his own party: a nationalist and populist party called the People’s Party of Canada. 

He understood what’s now obvious: Canada’s globalist parties from left to right just want to play nice with socialists and the far left while their way of life disappears forever. 

However, Bernier wants to save the country. Bernier – or Mad Max as he’s nicknamed – deserves the support of all Americans; what happens north of our border with extreme leftism is slowly creeping south to us. 

The Mad Max Tour

Bernier is currently on the Mad Max tour in Western Canada. Canada’s next election could come as soon as this fall and he wants to lay the groundwork for winning seats in the national parliament. 

Speaking about “COVID-19 and the globalist agenda,” Bernier pulls no punches in taking on the UN-based ideology that’s overrunning Canada, Europe and large parts of the US at this time. 

His supporters love him and appreciate the brave stand he’s taking. Don’t think it’s brave? Bernier was put in jail for it last month after trying to speak peacefully in the Canadian province of Manitoba. 

Justin Trudeau’s progressive police state said it was because the crowd coming to watch him was bigger than permitted and because he needed to have “self-quarantined” for 14 days after coming into the new province. 

Canada is becoming like Venezuela in terms of its lack of rights and freedom. There is no free speech anymore and even the right of free assembly is restricted under supposed concern for public health. 

Bernier Knows What Patriots are Up Against

Bernier knows what patriots are up against and he understands the assault that is happening against Western Civilization. 

From mass immigration and the forced migration compact signed by Canada and other nations, to the threat of climate change and how that’s being used to collapse and control our nations, Bernier gets it. 

Bernier’s People’s Party is still in the beginning stages of forming a larger base of support; however, it’s already surged far-past Canada’s neo-Marxist “Green Party” and is gaining more and more momentum. 

Not all Canadians are progressive and weak; many of them are sick and tired of seeing the extremist progressive Trudeau drag their country through the mud as part of some social engineering Great Reset project. 

Mad Max is Winning

Remember what our traitorous liberal media did to President Trump and is still trying to do to him? Bernier’s been in the same position. He’s been relentlessly slandered by Canada’s far-left, groupthink media.

He’s treated like a criminal just for thinking for himself and standing up for his country. He’s been mocked over his refusal to get the vaccine, insulted over his support for freedom, and falsely accused of racism by state media outlets determined to silence his voice. 

The truth is rare and brave leaders like Bernier are the future of Canada. Their equivalent like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the United States is the future of America. Let’s back them up and let them know they’re not alone. After all, they speak for us.