Canadian-US Trucking Convoy Protest Shaping Up as the Biggest in History

There is currently a 70-kilometer trucking convoy making its way across Canada to protest COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

It’s the longest trucking convoy ever recorded in world history. It has snaked its way from the western Canadian province of British Columbia as it heads toward the capital of Ottawa.

Large amounts of American truckers have come up to join the freedom convoy, making their way up from South Carolina to Ottawa where they will join the Canadians.

The truckers hope to get to their destination by this weekend, if all goes to plan, where a massive protest is planned for the enjoyment of Canada’s globalist leader Justin Trudeau.

We all thought Canada was done, but this show of independent patriotism is very inspiring to see!

The Leftist Media is Already Squawking

As this brave convoy of patriots, and their American brothers and sisters, makes its way to uphold freedom, Canada’s communist media is already squawking.

They are claiming the convoy is “white supremacist” and “far-right,” despite the fact it includes people of all ethnic backgrounds and political views.

We’re talking about 50,000 trucks building up in this convoy combined; the coming days are going to be charged with energy and momentum.

These truckers were told they had to show proof of vaccination to cross the Canada-US border and they said “never.” This includes many who are vaccinated, but disagree with mandating the experimental COVID vaccine.

Now, they are showing Trudeau just what happens when you alienate a large part of your working-class who keep the shelves stocked and the economy humming. Without truckers, there are going to be serious problems; these folks are already making their voice heard.

For one thing, the freedom convoy has called for all stores across Canada to open with no restrictions on January 29. They’ve also gotten the support of various large businesses, including Tim Horton’s coffee chain.

Police in the Canadian province of Ontario have also said they will stand down, as will the Canadian army.

Canada Lines Up to Cheer Them on

Thousands of Canadians who are pro-freedom have lined highways and overpasses to give these truckers moral support as they drive by honking.

The GoFundMe service shut down a fundraiser for the freedom convoy once it was already past $5 million, claiming it violates their terms of service.

Big tech is against freedom, so that actually makes sense. In any case, these truckers are now powering full steam ahead. In the face of the Great Reset, they are showing what happens when you have a Great Resistance.

The Bottom Line

Let’s cheer these Canuck truckers on, hope they can stand up for freedom, and successfully complete their freedom convoy and protests. They are changing the world.