Be Careful Out There: Horror Story from Tourist in Costa Rica

The Central American nation of Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

It’s also been a hotspot for tourists for decades, thanks to its vibrant culture, beautiful wildlife, friendly locals, and relative safety, compared to other places in South America.

During the pandemic, Costa Rica also became a haven for Americans and other Westerners looking to get away from the endless pressure about vaccines and shutdowns in their home countries.

Costa Rica doesn’t require vaccines to enter the country and has a more laid-back way of life that appealed to visitors.

It’s also become a magnet for medical tourism and people visiting to have medical procedures and dental procedures done at a lower cost.

However, there’s a darker side to the country that one British tourist found out about the hard way.

Meet Businessman Colin Graw

Colin Graw is a 47-year-old British businessman.

He recently went to Costa Rica to look into a business deal. During his trip, he started to have some problems and went for what was reportedly a “minor” surgery.

He was let out on the same day and all seemed to be well, but Graw began to feel very strong discomfort. He went back to doctors to ask what was going on. After doing some analysis, they told him some very unfortunate news.

He was suffering from a flesh-eating disease as a result of his medical procedure; the flesh-eating necrotising syndrome was attacking his penis and balls. Yes, seriously.

This particularly disturbing type of necrosis named Fournier’s Gangrene is very hard to treat and very damaging to the genitals.

Graw was horrified, and had a number of very painful operations to take out the damaged flesh areas. He’s now on antibiotics and under watch from doctors to make sure the condition doesn’t return.

Family Describes ‘Absolutely Horrific’ Experience

Graw’s family says he had an “absolutely horrific” experience in Costa Rica and the entire situation has been nightmarish.

In the beginning, Graw wasn’t even expected to survive, due to the aggressiveness of the flesh-eating bacteria.

He’s now in the public hospital, segregated from having any visitors, and only saw his sister for a short time earlier this year. Graw is too sick to go home to the UK and is also away from his girlfriend, who misses him badly.

While the US celebrates Costa Rica’s globalist government and its push to vaccinate its citizens, the real situation on the ground is not good in the healthcare field.

As Graw’s case shows, when you trust foreign doctors you don’t know well in a public hospital, you can end up with a far worse situation than just some poorly-done stitches.

The Bottom Line

Graw racked up over $105,000 in medical costs so far in Costa Rica, and his family has set up a GoFundMe.

Here’s to hoping he fully recovers.