Charges Incoming Against the Trump Organization

Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg has been in charge of the Trump Organization’s money for decades now. 

However, any day now, the Manhattan district attorney’s office will be dropping charges against the Trump Organization over alleged tax fraud and financial crimes. 

Attempts to go after Trump on a legal level during his presidency fizzled out without any success. 

Will this time be different? 

Here’s the Deal

Trump isn’t going to be charged, according to all the information we currently have. As for Weisselberg, all reports say he has not agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in taking down his boss. 

Still, this case could end up having more momentum behind it than some expect; the years of preparation and focus put in by these top lawyers is not something people should easily dismiss. 

The district attorney has some serious charges prepared; they’re going to hit the organization and Weisselberg with charges of tax fraud and tax dodging. 

As an elderly man, Weisselberg could be headed to prison for the rest of his life if he doesn’t fold and cooperate with them. 

Getting Weisselberg on a guilty conviction could be the first phase of the district attorney’s mission in bringing down the whole organization. 

What is Trump and Weisselberg’s Response

So far, Weisselberg hasn’t responded or made any remark. 

In the past, Trump has made it clear that he did nothing wrong; Trump has also said that this is all part of the ongoing witch hunt to bring him down. 

As Trump noted only last week, the things that the prosecutors are trying to sink Weisselberg for (like writing off car use on taxes and so on) are “standard practice” for any large business and “in no way a crime.”

Keep in mind that this is part of a larger investigation on financial fraud looking into whether the Trump Organization made false declarations on their taxes and insurance forms in order to make a profit. 

Trump’s Former Top Lawyer Speaks Out

For his part, Trump’s former top lawyer Michael Cohen – who was a liberal in hiding all along – has spoken out frequently about the case. 

According to Cohen, Weisselberg doesn’t have to cooperate with the prosecutors in order to bring Trump down. 

Cohen says the case is far more serious and substantive than many people realize, and the criminal probe is far from being abandoned. 

After serving this country for four years, this is the thanks Trump gets: lawsuits, investigations, and the targeting of his top executives. 

This is straight out of the Democrat playbook; it looks to me like a political persecution of the kind that happens in banana republics and dictatorships. 

What do you think? 

Is this just a witch hunt or is Trump in real trouble?