Chicago Headed For Downfall Under New Mayor As Teens Burn Up the Loop

Chicago is in deep trouble and it just keeps getting worse. Mass violence over the past weekend saw nine adults and six minors arrested, as widespread shootings, arson, vandalism, and looting took place.

It looked like something out of Somalia or an intense war zone, but according to Chicago’s new far-left Mayor Brandon Johnson, these youth just don’t have enough “opportunities.”

Fellow leftist state Senator Robert Peters agrees, saying the violence is just a “protest” and a “political act.”

Mostly Peaceful Mass Violence?

Johnson is still waiting to be sworn in as mayor and Lori Lightfoot is still leading the city. Both said the violence of crowds of thousands destroying things next to Millennium Park was understandable and more or less wrote it off.

Their point of view is these mostly black teens and young adults are frustrated about racism and not having good jobs.

Can you imagine if a crowd of angry young, right-wing white men who couldn’t find good jobs and felt bored went out and started smashing cars, looting stores, and burning down a city?

The corporate media would start hyperventilating in distress.

Though we have groups of these “youth” beating up women in the street, smashing cars, burning businesses, and stealing everything in sight. The leadership of Chicago and its state government consider it a “political act.”

Deranged Delusions

Peters is completely out to lunch here and his reference to “segregation” is bizarre. What is he talking about?

The word that Peters, Lightfoot, and Johnson are looking for here is “crime.” This is a crime. Just because a thousand people do a crime or have non-white skin tones doesn’t make it not a crime.

The Bottom Line

The future of Chicago is in question in a very big way. Businesses like Walmart are closing downtown and cops don’t want to get involved in these crazy events anymore.

When you have the political leadership of a city excusing and justifying violence, it’s no wonder that the city is falling apart.

There’s no excuse for this kind of mass violence and recklessness. If nothing serious is done, the future of downtown Chicago will be a lawless, abandoned ghost town.