China Puts its Cards on the Table, Says it is Ready to Defeat the United States at War

"Chinese Soldier" by Steve Webel is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

China launched the COVID virus on the world killing millions. It’s never apologized, and the true origins of the disease or whether it was intentional has also not yet been proven or disproven.

But the communist police state is not done yet, and they are now issuing more threats against the United States.

Beijing now claims it is ready to defeat the US in a war if fighting breaks out over Taiwan.

China by The U.S. Army is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Why Now?

The US is taking part in military drills together with Japan, Australia and France. China’s communist government does not like that and their state-run Global Times paper put out an editorial making explicit threats in response. 

The editorial says that any war that happens in the South China Sea will have a simple and fast result: complete defeat of the United States. The government also spoke through the newspaper article by making fun of the joint military drills and saying that China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is so much stronger and better than these other countries that the drills are “insignificant militarily.”

Nonetheless, it’s obvious that China is preparing militarily and trying to build up its fleet of aircraft carriers as well as increase readiness to fight. 

The warships will be racing off the production line as fast as possible right now if China wants to make good on its threat, in order for them to block any incursion or show of force in the South China Sea. 

Will War Break Out?

The US-Japan-France drills are practicing urban combat and defense and incursion on small islands. They are also practicing boarding ships and naval warfare. The message to China is simple: stop infringing on Taiwan and trying to claim more of the South China Sea for your expansionist communist policy. 

The drills were happening near the Diaoyu Islands in the South China sea. China says these islands belong to them, but they’re currently physically owned by Japan. 

China is already ramping up the rhetoric in other ways as well, putting out a video recently where they show PLA soldiers training to take over Taiwan and what an invasion would look like. 

The fact that the US and China both have nuclear capability and would destroy each other is about all that’s holding us back from war at this point. 

President Trump was absolutely on the right track when he started hitting China where it hurts: in its trade policies and labor exploitation. China needs to be economically and politically isolated until the point that it comes begging for favors and can then be told what to do to meet any conditions of reentry into trade agreements and international diplomacy. 

It’s time to start playing hardball with these virus-spreading, imperialistic psychopaths.