China Says it Will Nuke Japan If It Tries to Stop Them From Taking Over Taiwan

There is no way to exaggerate the danger and aggression of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Since taking over China in 1949, this evil entity has spread its tentacles as far as possible around the world. 

America opened up to China, due to greed under President Nixon, and then started outsourcing all our jobs to their masses of underpaid workers, however, it gets even worse than that. 

Sliding into China’s Sleazy Hands

In September of 2000, we gave China most-favored-nation status at the World Trade Organization, a colossal mistake that people like Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas are trying to undo

That’s not even getting into China’s release of COVID on the world, but today I’m here to talk about Taiwan. You may not care much about it, but Taiwan could legitimately be the start of World War Three in the near future. 

Despite separating out from China under the nationalists and resisting communism, China has always considered the wealthy and strategically important island to be its property. Now,  a new video from the CCP says that China is changing its nuclear policy of never striking first.

Their message is bone-chilling and simple: If Japan tries to send even a “single soldier” to defend Taiwan they will nuke Japan. 

There will be no proportionate response or reasonable, measured actions on their part, the CCP notes: if you get in the way of their “liberation” of the Taiwanese island, they will obliterate your cities and kill you by the millions. 

This is not a drill. This is an actual threat from China’s evil, powerful government. 

‘We Will Use Nuclear Bombs First’

In the chilling video, China vows to “use nuclear bombs first” and use them “continuously” until Japan gives up. They also mockingly refer to World War Two when the US nuked Japan, saying this will be the “second time” that Japan has to surrender. 

Is this just posturing on China’s part? Honestly, it could be a little bit of that, but it’s also likely part of their psychological warfare and propaganda department. They are trying to soften the atmosphere for an invasion of Taiwan. 

Moreover, the message to Japan – and by extension its allies such as the US – is stark: they will go all-out and obliterate as many people as necessary to take over Taiwan and their policy since 1964 of not nuking first is now cancelled. They call this the “Japan Exception” clause. 

How Close Are We to War?

China considers Taiwan to be China. They have also said that nearby islands and areas in the disputed South China Sea are theirs. The CCP has carefully prepared the ground for military action. 

This won’t be like when Russia took over Crimea, Ukraine in early 2014. When China goes into Taiwan it’s going to shake the world. This disaster could still possibly be averted, but if we’re not careful we could be stumbling directly into another global war.