China Steps Up Its Aggression Near Taiwan as It Senses Biden’s Weakness

Joe Biden’s weakness has had awful consequences for the United States. As we saw in Afghanistan and are now seeing in Ukraine, the incompetence and posturing of Biden and his regime emboldened America’s enemies.

That’s certainly true of the Taliban, Russia, and communist forces in Venezuela or Islamists in Iran. However, it’s also true of our number one geopolitical foe: Communist China.

Ever since the invasion of Ukraine three days ago, China watched with close attention. Therefore, it has emboldened China’s attempts to infiltrate and eventually seize the island of Taiwan.

The latest provocation from China comes as America’s brave Navy does its best to patrol the dangerous waters around Taiwan.

China Demands US Stop ‘Provoking’ Them in the South China Sea

Recently, the USS Ralph Johnson transited through the Taiwan Strait.

This is a routine maneuver demonstrating solidarity with our allies in Taiwan and making it clear we have the absolute right to sail our warships through international water.

If China doesn’t like that, it’s their problem…and they definitely do not like it.

Following the routine transit, China said it was “provocative” on the part of the United States and demanded such actions stop immediately.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, China has already buzzed fighter aircraft into Taiwanese airspace and stepped up its aggressive patrols in the South China Sea. What right do they have to call the US Navy the provocative ones?

To be clear, the Ralph Johnson is no bath toy. This powerful destroyer is part of our 7th Fleet and is equipped with precision-guided missiles and all sorts of weaponry.

It has the right to keep the Indo-Pacific “free and open,” as the ship’s representative said.

China Needs to Back Off

It’s clear China is testing the waters and wondering if now could be the time to make a move on Taiwan. It’s up to our military to let them know this is definitely not the case.

We saw transits of the Taiwan Strait are an important deterrence to Communist China and have used them on a regular basis. There is no reason China’s threats should deter us at this time.

Let’s be clear about China’s aggression here, too. This Saturday, eight Chinese fighter jets with serious capability buzzed low over Taiwan’s Pratas Islands in a clear show of intimidation.

Taiwan is a key partner for us in the region and is part of an important stand against North Korea and China, along with South Korea.

It’s also one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductor chips, which are crucial to our military and national security.

The Bottom Line

Biden’s incompetence and the Russian invasion emboldened our enemies. We need to expand our naval presence in the South China Sea and make it clear Taiwan is not up for grabs.