China’s Plan to Take Over Taiwan Revealed

China was taken over by communists in 1949 and has been under the shadow of that totalitarian ideology ever since.

Despite opening up to the West under President Nixon, China has continued to be a menace to the world economically and militarily.

Recently, we saw their threats against the United States following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Now, a copy of Beijing’s plan for taking over Taiwan has been revealed. Here’s what it says…

China’s Taiwan Trap

China’s plan for taking over Taiwan is strategic and quite clever. It’s called the one country and two systems plan; what it involves is a gradual plan for recapturing total power over Taiwan.

When Taiwan began existing independently in 1949 under Chiang Kai-shek, it was intended as an alternative to communist China. It was a home for the nationalists and refers to itself as the Republic of China, essentially the real China.

Communist China strongly disagrees and considers itself to be the real China and Taiwan to be part of it.

The fact that Taiwan doesn’t agree with or support China’s communist rulers doesn’t make it any less part of mainland China, according to this plan’s justification.

Next up is the more detailed plan of how to recapture Taiwan.

How To Get Taiwan Back

The plan’s more specific ideas about how to get Taiwan back involve focusing on how eventually, it is inevitable they will rejoin.

The plan talks about the total “defeat” of any forces and secessionists who want to stop the reunification from happening.

Referring to the US, China says that Washington is playing a cheating game of pretending not to pit Taiwan against China while doing exactly that.

In opposition, China says it will take concrete steps to move against American arms shipments and support of Taiwan and reminds the West of its victory in the Korean War from 1950-53.

While the US-backed South fought the Chinese-backed North, the tragic war led to the official separation of Korea.

What China seems to conveniently forget is that their successful defense of the north resulted in one of the worst nations in the world led by a fanatical dictator and without enough food. Though, a threat is a threat.

The Bottom Line

China’s plan for Taiwan is to basically allow it to remain semi-independent while being under full Chinese control.

The desire to get Taiwan back onboard economically and militarily is something China will continue to pursue as it seeks to expand its global influence.

One irony of this report is it claims the West is falsely trying to portray China as a global threat, while the report relies on the fact that China’s growing influence will eventually displace the West, including in Taiwan.