China’s Powerful US Network of Pro-Communist Cheerleaders

Communist China is currently in the process of threatening its neighbor, Taiwan. China is also committing genocide against its Uyghur population and trying its best to undermine and destroy the United States.

It’s bulking up its Navy, maximizing its unfair advantage in currency, and exploiting its slave workforce to keep trying to spread tyrannical communism worldwide. With such a dark agenda, you would think Americans and other free people would naturally avoid China.

Sadly, however, there is a large group of US individuals and companies who not only support China, but actively work to cover up and downplay its crimes.

China’s US Propaganda Brigades

China has legions of famous individuals and corporations in the US who work to cover up its crimes and provide propaganda on its behalf. They mainly do this by completely ignoring what China does and attacking the reputation and society of the United States.

Take someone like LA Lakers star LeBron James: a radical leftist who encouraged BLM violence last year and regularly calls America racist. James has also recently weighed in on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.

As for China and its genocide? James is nowhere to be found on that. When Hong Kong protesters demanded freedom from the CCP regime, James criticized the head of the Houston Rockets.

According to James, Rockets’ chief Daryl Morley should have kept his mouth shut about his support of the protesters in Hong Kong because of the “harm” it could cause to China.

Other NBA stars, like Enes Kanter Freedom, have spoken out in support of liberty and against Communist China, but people like James don’t care. They’d rather kiss Xi Jinping’s jackboots than risk losing any money from their corporate and NBA masters.

China’s Leftist Sponsors

Then, you get to the companies, politicians, and globalists who shill for China and their leftist apologists and it gets even worse. US “climate” head John Kerry, for example, ignored China’s Uyghur genocide when trying to talk about the environment with China, saying it’s not his “lane.”

Instead of caring about hundreds of thousands of people enslaved, sterilized, and tortured, Kerry is concerned about whether China can decrease its energy use by 1%. Is that seriously how low America has become under the Biden regime? It’s repulsive.

These people are partners of groups like the World Health Organization (WHO), who are partly to blame for the COVID shutdowns and all the apologies for China. These people slammed Trump for closing the border to China when it was exactly the right move.

Now, they spare no moment to blame conservatives for everything that happens. Nike, Apple, and more all profit off Chinese slave labor. They never talk about China because they need its dirty slave cash.

These are sick people, and they’re definitely not patriots.