Churches Being Burned to the Ground in Canada as its Liberal Media Cheers

I always think of Canada as the perfect example of what will happen to America, if we keep letting liberals gain power.

Look no further than: high taxes, leftist propaganda in the schools, weakened leaders who repeat UN talking points, hatred of religion, and making all non-progressive opinions borderline illegal in the public sphere.

Does that sound like an exaggeration? Sadly, it’s not. Canada is a deeply politically correct country; you can be fired from your job for stating a socially conservative point of view.

You can also have your kids taken away for not letting them become trans and have your church burned down while watching “human rights” leaders and liberal media freaks cheer. 

Why Are Churches Being Burned in Canada?

Churches are being burned in Canada, due to the discovery of several mass graves at the site of former Native Canadian residential schools. 

Native Canadian kids were taken by force from their homes from the late 1800s until 1970; they were then taken to Catholic and Episcopalian-run schools where they were forced to convert to Christianity.

This came on top of Native Canadian kids being beaten, sexually abused and – according to some reports – intentionally exposed to diseases such as tuberculosis. 

Activists have toppled statues of colonial British figures like Queen Victoria in response; they’ve also drawn bloody handprints on monuments and churches across the country. Meanwhile, the country’s national Canada Day was cancelled and flags were flown at half staff to recognize the atrocities. 

Many Canadians are rallying behind the slogan “Every Child Matters.” They’re furthermore demanding that everything be done to find more grave sites and bring home the remains of the kids who were lost. 

Where’s Trudeau?

Canada’s Prime Minister and Global Reset spokesman Justin Trudeau waited over a week before saying that burning churches is wrong.

Meanwhile, other “human rights” leaders, such as the head of the province (state) of BC, said “burn it all down” in response to the arsons. 

This performative guilt is exactly the problem with liberals. They just want to whip themselves and express endless shame in the idea that this somehow erases the past. 

They also want to ignore the fact that various Catholic and other churches which have been burned down were immigrant churches attended by African-Canadian immigrants and minority communities. 

Liberals don’t care. They want those churches crisped. 

Various members of the liberal media have hinted at their support and provided cover to the arson. 

Former top Trudeau advisor, and in many ways “the brains behind Trudeau,” Gerald Butts recently told a Canadian reporter it’s not great that churches are being razed, but it’s certainly “understandable.”

Could This Happen in America?

Of course, we’ve already seen churches burned and attacked in America, from white supremacists attacking churches in Alabama to modern-day racists burning churches under the guise of BLM and supporting black rights. 

In every country that goes fully downhill into leftist insanity, we see a common trend: hatred of organized religion, whether it’s Russia in 1917 or Spain in the 1930s. 

If this happened on such a large scale in America, we all know what would happen:

The country would ask what the hell is going on including most Independents, Democrats and Republicans. 

However, the Democrat political party would make excuses and provide cover. 

That’s a very big problem for the future of our country.