Clown Kamala Harris Gets Slammed for Her Idiotic Ideas

Vice President Kamala Harris is not the sharpest tool in the shed. However, she’s definitely a tool. This woman can’t go anywhere without screwing things up; Harris is a bloated egotist with a list of failures several miles long.

Her latest embarrassment is one for the history books, with Kamala putting out a tweet that shows just how much she lacks basic logic.

Kamala Warns We Must Shield the Vaccinated

In an insane tweet that’s been widely mocked even by some liberals, Kamala claimed that in order to stop COVID for good, we need to shield the vaccinated. The key to doing this is to make sure everyone gets their COVID shot and make more people wear masks.

Two things here: the masks obviously barely work, otherwise we wouldn’t have massive COVID rates in September 2021. Secondly, if the vaccinated aren’t already protected from COVID or at least its worst effects then…why did they get vaccinated?

Also, how would more people getting a vaccine that doesn’t protect you then be “protected?” It looks like Kamala should go repeat grade school if this is the way her brain works.

It’s incredible to think she’s actually the vice president and one can only hope that junior staff under her are a little bit smarter. Yet, given the actions and statements of the Biden regime, that also seems very unlikely.

Here’s the Thing

The thing is that there are two main beliefs about the vaccine. One is that it works to lower the chance of infection and death, coming with relatively rare side effects which are worth the risk to protect yourself from COVID.

The second is that the vaccine barely works to prevent infection; there isn’t conclusive evidence yet on the prevention of death and its side effects are very serious. If Kamala believes the first, then why would the vaccinated still be in danger from the unvaccinated?

If she believes the second, then why is she telling people to get a vaccine that’s dangerous and doesn’t work well? Both of these look pretty bad for her. Conservatives and independent thinkers slammed Kamala for her ignorance, noting that what she says makes no sense.

If we’re all supposed to get the vaccine, wouldn’t the purpose be to make it so we no longer have to worry about being in danger?

What the Numbers Say So Far

The numbers, so far, say that you’re more likely to go to the hospital with a serious COVID case if you’re unvaccinated. They also show that you’re more likely to get the disease if you’re unvaccinated.

However, the delta variant has been infecting a lot of vaccinated people and the disease hasn’t been going at all how the Democrats said it would be going.

It’s not clear at all how and when this whole COVID “pandemic” is going to end. Kamala Harris needs to check her messaging…not that our opinion of her could be any lower.