CNN is Close to Collapse

CNN has such bad ratings that rumors are starting about its future. 

Fox is far ahead of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and others; that’s because Fox has on different points of view and talks about subjects honestly sometimes. 

CNN has lost many people’s respect because of their shameless propaganda and four years of throwing hissy fits about President Trump. 

The cable news giant managed to profit off the January 6 Capitol riot, but now the temporary boost from its attempt to stoke a civil war in America has subsided. 

Now, we’re right back to step one…which is that: nobody actually likes CNN. 

Just How Bad Are CNN’s Ratings?

They’re really bad, like feminist Ghostbusters sequel bad, like a teenage acne outbreak just before a big date bad. 

As President Trump said mocking the cable news propaganda outlet, they’re in “free fall” and it’s a “wonderful thing to see!”

Sometimes karma sneaks up and throws a sucker punch. 

CNN is at its lowest ever; it’s down 70% among its daytime shows and primetime slots. CNN’s also lost over half of its audience in daytime shows and primetime in the past half-year. 

MSNBC (or MSDNC, as Trump jokingly calls it) has also lost over half its audience since the start of the year. 

Meanwhile, over at Fox, they’re doing just swell, with Greg Gutfeld’s show becoming the top show in cable news. 

‘This is (Was) CNN’

CNN has some shows which are doing even worse than others.

Reliable Sources with liberal propagandists and human potato impersonator Brian Stelter lost over half its viewers since the start of the year; it’s doing so badly that even CNN executives are scratching their heads.

Yet, Stelter just keeps sitting up there scratching his bald head and asking why people don’t trust him.

There are a bunch of other CNN programs I could also mention here whose ratings have fallen into the gutter, but let’s just say that they’re falling under Rachel Maddow’s show, which is surging past them at MSNBC.

That alone should tell you just how badly they’re doing. 

The Show’s Over, Folks

When your only tactic and claim to fame is going after Trump and highlighting how bad you think Trump is, people drift away once you stop doing that. 

The suburban wine moms who get offended by something Trump says want to feed their outrage addiction by switching on CNN. 

They know they can get big serious tons of voice with Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo talking in horrified liberal-speak about how Trump is so mean and it’s so sad.

Now that Trump’s mostly out of the limelight (and all of us know the real story is Joe Biden and his horrible disaster of an administration), CNN is left out in the cold. 

New media from Newsmax to Epoch Times and Fox are leaving CNN in the dust. 

Even its fans have lost interest.