CNN Lackey Chris Cuomo’s Emails Just Got Leaked and He’s in Deep Trouble

Chris Cuomo isn’t just an anchor at CNN. He’s also the brother of New York Governor and accused sexual harasser Andrew Cuomo. They come from a powerful liberal New York family that’s currently in a very bad situation.

After coming under fire for forcing nursing homes to accept people with COVID and killing thousands of elderly people, Andrew Cuomo then had dozens of credible accusations made against him by women.

They said he groped them, pressured them to have sex and threatened them if they wouldn’t. Meanwhile over at CNN, Chris Cuomo was enjoying his cushy paycheck preaching at America. However, that’s not all he was doing. New leaked emails show Cuomo was also doing his best to help out his brother and make the abuse allegations go away.

What Do Leaked Emails Show?

Chris Cuomo’s leaked emails show him trying to help Andrew. In the email, Chris appears to be helping Andrew draft a denial of the sexual harassment allegations, dismissing them as “insensitive.” He tries to argue it’s just him joking around and trying to bring “levity” in a serious business.

Is it funny to grab women’s private parts and push them against walls as some light entertainment now? Maybe in the sick world of Andrew and Chris Cuomo. I don’t know how the hell these two brothers were raised, but it’s not how the rest of us were.

For most of us, grabbing women without their consent is wrong. It’s also wrong to help someone try to dodge criminal complaints, especially when you’re a powerful anchor at a national news network.

Is Andrew Cuomo Guilty?

All signs point to yes. Andrew Cuomo is first of all guilty of the death of thousands of elderly New Yorkers. Second of all, the sexual harassment allegations against him appear to be true.

His defense, so far, says he’s just friendly and jokes around a lot. His long booklet denying the allegations is full of photos of him and other politicians hugging people. The point Andrew is trying to make is that it’s normal and nice for politicians to hug people.

This guy is a like a man who beats his wife and then posts photos of boxing to show it’s normal to punch people. He’s a disgusting pig and a gaslighting Democrat abuser. Of course his brother Chris would help him draft denial statements, because he doesn’t actual care about female dignity or rights.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Chris Cuomo needs to be fired from CNN as soon as possible, and Andrew Cuomo needs to be impeached. These reckless, woman-hating brothers have no place in our public life in any way; they should be called out by liberals, conservatives, independents, and anyone with any shred of conscience left.