CNN’s Perversion Problem Just Got Worse, Producer Charged with Heinous Crimes Against Young Children

CNN isn’t just a corrupt propaganda network; it’s also full of individuals who are perverted, sexually abusive, and pedophilic.

First, there was legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who pressured his mistress into getting an abortion and was later caught on Zoom masturbating. He was kicked off the network, but soon welcomed back.

Then, there was Don Lemon, accused of sexually assaulting a man in a Long Island bar with the case pending. Next, there was Chris Cuomo, fired for trying to cover up the sexual harassment of his brother, Andrew Cuomo.

Now, news is breaking of a CNN producer called John Griffin, who’s been charged with sexual crimes against kids.

Details of the Horrific Charges

Griffin is a resident of Stamford, Connecticut, and worked as a producer at CNN on Chris Cuomo’s former show and other programs. He was charged with sexually abusing minor girls on Friday and indicted after appearing on Zoom.

The indictment says Griffin went online and used apps on his phone between the spring and summer of last year to try and get parents to visit him with their young daughters…so he could teach them to “submit” to men.

This 44-year-old was focused on talking to people who claimed to be parents of young girls. He said they were interested in the idea of him training their daughters to do whatever sex acts men asked them to do.

Last summer, Griffin reportedly convinced one mom to come with her 9-year-old daughter to visit him. He paid her $3,000 for a flight. Then, picked them up at the airport and took them to his home, where he is accused of engaging in illegal sex acts with the daughter.

It Gets Worse

Griffin apparently wasn’t satisfied by just one pedophilic encounter; he was actively trying to get several other young girls to come see him so he could “train” them.

CNN says the charges are something they take “very seriously” and they just found out about them. Griffin is currently suspended, as the case is investigated further.

Griffin is an important producer at CNN who’s worked there since 2013, mainly on Chris Cuomo’s primetime slot and for political commentator, John Avlon.

Observers can, of course, just say this is one isolated incident. Yet, at a certain point, it becomes odd that one network seems to have so many incidents of sexual abuse and accusations of unacceptable sexual behavior in its ranks.

Fox News and other networks had sexual harassment accusations, but what is it about CNN that makes these actions so sleazy and especially disturbing?

The Bottom Line

CNN needs a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Their network is full of sexual predators and disturbing individuals. The Griffin case must be prosecuted to the fullest extent.