Comedian Ricky Gervais Under Attack For New Show

Ricky Gervais is a British actor who’s well-known for shows like After Life and his comedy specials.

The comedian and screenwriter is an outspoken atheist. He’s also a liberal who is not very political and mainly keeps his commentary to various issues about life and love.

However, Gervais’ new standup production on Netflix has leftists cancelling their subscriptions like mad.

Here’s why…

Gervais Offends Trans Community

Gervais’ new program on Netflix is him doing standup. It’s called SuperNature and features the comedian going off about life, love, and his experiences.

At one point, Gervais goes into transgenderism, mocking “women with c**ks” and those who support the use of pronouns. According to Gervais, using pronouns is ridiculous and doesn’t change your biological sex.

Joking about “old-fashioned” females who still have “wombs,” Gervais sarcastically calls them “dinosaurs.” He imitates the attitude of a passionate trans activist and plays out a scenario in which someone gets called a gender they don’t identify with.

He jokes about transgender people raping someone in the bathroom and the anger if you get their gender wrong in accusing them, prompting loud laughter from the audience.

Gervais’ special has only been out one day, but already the trans community is up in arms about it. Conservatives and free speech supporters are laughing uproariously.

Gervais Backs Down?

At the end of the special, Gervais said he “of course” stands behind “trans rights” and has no issues with them. However, he drops in a joke that women need to “lose the c**k.”

It’s crystal clear here that Gervais is a liberal. He’s not trying to get into the culture war or the controversy of these kinds of topics the way some conservatives do. He’s simply joking around about a shocking and potentially funny subject.

Like other liberals from Bill Maher to Glenn Greenwald, Gervais simply noticed the left has gotten so extreme that it’s easy to mock. So, he makes money by mocking it.

While some may say his jokes are mean-spirited, there’s no law against speaking your mind, nor should there be.

Those saying Gervais should talk about other things should watch the rest of the comedy special in which he talks about many other things.

The Bottom Line

Many famous comedians say they’ll no longer tour college campuses or do standup at all because people are too easily offended. We’ve seen a long list of offensive comedians cancelled for saying politically incorrect things.

Comedian Dave Chapelle’s special, which included a few anti-trans jokes, even led to some Netflix employees walking out of their jobs and led to the attempted murder on him.

This country’s culture is very broken if people can’t tolerate someone telling jokes they find offensive. It’s called free speech.