Congressman Paul Gosar Slams Democrats: $2,000 Checks? How About $10,000

Paul Gosar by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package already passed the House.

As President Trump said in his CPAC 2021 comments on Sunday, the bill is a “boondoggle” stuffed full of wasteful Democrat garbage including aid to foreign countries, handouts to Big Tech, wasteful spending and woke social justice nonsense.

Many Americans are asking Biden where there $2,000 checks are – even though he already flip flopped on that and announced they’re down to $1,400 now. So, where are the $1,400 checks?

Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona isn’t buying the whole thing. In a perfect example of “go big or go home,” Gosar put in an amendment that cuts all the pork on the $1.9 trillion bill and gives out $10,000 relief checks instead.

As Gosar explained:

“I offered an amendment to prioritize $10,000 stimulus checks to Americans most affected by COVID-19 and lockdowns. Instead, Democrats chose foreign aid, Big Tech transit, and Pelosi’s political priorities over direct relief to American citizens.”

Paul Gosar_ by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Are $10,000 Checks Possible?

According to Gosar, it would be possible to get $10,000 to those who need it most if 10 things were cut from the $1.9 trillion pork fest which has over 200 sections as part of Biden’s so-called “American Rescue Plan.”

In particular, Gosar’s amendment removed unnecessary arts funding (just what you need to see a nice opera during a goddamn pandemic when your kids can’t go to school), special funding for transit projects (why take the bus when there’s no job to go to?), vaccine promotion funding (if the vaccine is so good why do they need millions to promote it?) and bloated foreign aid.

Honestly, these things should be removed even if $10,000 checks aren’t possible!

In any case, Gosar’s point is well taken. And despite being shot down by the heartless Democrats, he’s got a point. The government broke everyone down and now they have to pay the bill.

“People need help with car payments, mortgage and rent, and everyday necessities. The government broke it. Now government must fix it. The people, not corporations or billionaires, need this money to survive,” Gosar said, noting that the $10,000 wasn’t all either and was just a down payment.

Now we’re talking.

Gosar’s Amendment Gets Shot Down

As anyone could have predicted, the Democrats weren’t interested in Gosar’s amendment, and they’re probably not very happy about how he exposed all their wasteful and stupid spending either.

The $1.9 trillion plan passed Congress 219-212, with the Democrats flexing their majority muscles. Notably, two Democrats did see reason and came out against the bill, namely Jared Golden of Maine and Kurt Schrader of Oregon.

According to Golden he just couldn’t stomach all the pork and wasteful spending during this time of crisis, and even his Democratic affiliation wasn’t enough to make him betray his constituents.

“During challenging times, the country needs its elected leaders to work together to meet the most urgent needs in their communities. This bill addresses urgent needs, and then buries them under a mountain of unnecessary or untimely spending. In reviewing the bill in its full scope, less than 20 percent of the total spending addresses core COVID challenges that are immediately pressing: funding for vaccine distribution and testing, and emergency federal unemployment programs,” Golden said.

Well, it’s nice to know there’s at least one Democrat with a brain left in Congress!

Unfortunately it’s going to take a lot more than one to restore sanity. Gosar might have known his amendment had no chance of passing, but he’s still made his point and people like him form the core of a new movement in the GOP: one that doesn’t back down, doesn’t take crumbs and demands more help for the American people than what their own establishment or Democrats want to hand out.