Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Slams Biden with Hilarious Joke

Lauren Boebert by Jeffrey Beall is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado has a great sense of humor.

If you follow her on social media or watch her statements in the media, you’ll notice that she understands the power of laughter to cut through liberal lies. 

Her latest comment has the whole nation laughing after she made a prediction about what’s going to happen now that the mask mandate has been lifted. 

President Sniffer

Remember all those videos that surfaced during the last election of Biden sniffing people’s hair? Often it was kids, but he’s an equal-opportunity sniffer, going after anyone who he takes a fancy to. 

Boebert looks like she has quite a nice mane of hair, so it’s a smart idea for her to avoid POTUS at this point if she doesn’t want to end up as the object of his next spontaneous fetish session. 

Boebert has much more important things to do than pal around with progressive puppets like Biden; she’s out truth telling about the left-wing agenda and working to make this country a better place. 

Recently, Boebert exposed the lies of green energy, for example, noting that the whole controversy over climate change; going green and all the rest of it has nothing to do with keeping people safe: “it’s always been about control,” she said. 

The result? Now that masks are done for those who got the shot there are going to be climate lockdowns coming, Boebert predicts. 

“In Orlando” by US Department of State is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Progressive Hypocrisy

At this point, we might need a climate lockdown to protect from all the hot air that progressives are emitting daily…not to mention the hypocrisy. 

Just the other day Biden joked about running over a reporter with a truck he was test driving. 

“I’m just kidding around,” he added. 

Can you even imagine if President Trump had made that joke the media firestorm that would have ensued? CNN would have had conniption fits, but Biden says it and everyone just chuckles. 

Getting the Job Done

Nonetheless, this isn’t just about pointing out how fake liberals tend to be and their constant hypocrisy; it’s also about getting things done. Boebert understands that, having recently launched the AIM Act, an excellent alternative to Biden’s bloated, fake infrastructure bill that’s actually just a goodie bag for donors and green energy fanatics. 

Boebert’s bill takes $650 billion out of Biden’s unspent COVID relief funds and uses it for actual infrastructure: things like bridges, roads and airports. 

It’s nice to know we still have politicians like Boebert on the job and willing to serve America. The establishment tried to frame her for the Jan. 6 protests but it didn’t work and you can only admire her fighting spirit as she continues pushing back against progressive bullies and their allies.