Connecticut State Legislators End Religious Exemption for Vaccines in School

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Many states have a special religious exemption for vaccines that protects religious freedom. In fact, 45 states in this country do so. 

But now the blue state of Connecticut is taking the controversial step of ending the religious exemption in school for vaccines.

Like so many progressive places across this country, Connecticut is drawing a clear line between freedom and tyranny and standing firmly on the side of the tyrants.

The bill in question has passed Connecticut’s Democrat-run House of Representatives by a vote of 90-53 and now goes to the Democrat-controlled Senate for approval. It would start in the 2022-2023 school year. 

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Connecticut Republicans Oppose the Bill

Connecticut Republicans – who do exist – have said they oppose the new bill and prefer to keep religious exemptions in place. The bill is unnecessary and represents major government infringement on liberties according to the state GOP.

The state GOP in Connecticut’s House did manage to pass an amendment that lets any kids who already have a religious exemption keep it, but still argue that the bill as a whole is unneeded.

However, according to the Democrats the bill is completely necessary to stop diseases from spreading.

“We’ve seen a slow and steady increase in exemptions from required childhood vaccinations. We do not know when community immunity might be compromised,” said Connecticut’s Democratic House Majority Leader Jason Rojas of East Hartford.

According to Rojas, anyone not getting vaccines should only be for scientific or health reasons with no room for religious exemption.

Connecticut is run by a typical progressive by the name of Ned Lamont. The Governor said he’ll make the bill law as soon as it passes the Senate in the near future. 

With Oregon considering a permanent mask mandate and New York going down the road to vaccine passports, it’s becoming very clear that blue states are entering a nightmare zone of tyranny and establishment overreach.

‘It Sends a Strong Signal … Get Vaccinated.’

Explaining his support for the bill, Governor Lamont said it’s all about getting everyone vaccinated. 

“We saw there was a very strong vote in the legislature, which I consider (to be) in support of vaccinations and doing everything we can to encourage, in this case students, to get vaccinated, with obviously the necessary medical exemption.”

“I think it sends a strong signal, which I appreciate. Get vaccinated,” Lamont said.

Part of the reason that Democrats are going after this bill is because a rising number of Connecticut families were using the religious exemption to stop their kids from getting vaccinated at school, at one point up to 5% of the state’s school age population. 

The state’s Department of Health said that a child from Connecticut got measles traveling abroad, increasing fears. 

Democrats say that everyone must get vaccinated and stop questioning vaccines. 

“Vaccine hesitancy is becoming a direct and serious threat to the public health. It demands a proactive approach, not a reactive one … We need to act and act before we have an epidemic, an epidemic that we can prevent,” said state Democrat Representative Jonathan Steinberg.

There are currently 7,600 kids in Connecticut’s K-12 system who have religious exemptions from vaccines. As Republican Representative Doug Dubitsky said, “this body is attempting to remove the religious liberties of 8,000 children in this state because the good chairman says they have a choice. What choice does a kindergarten child have in the prospects of their religion? Little, I would say. Little,” Dubitsky said. 

“So throwing those children out of school, it’s not based on their choice, it’s based on the choice of the people in this chamber, people who should know better.”