Conservative Radio Host Dan Bongino Humiliates Prestigious Liberal Media Reporter

Dan Bongino served America in the Secret Service, and now he helps this country out by blasting liberals on his radio show. The talk show host is syndicated by a company called Cumulus Media and they’ve been having some disagreements.

In particular, Cumulus is pushing the COVID vaccine mandate and Bongino doesn’t like it. He hinted he might quit if his boss’ company didn’t relax its COVID rules.

A liberal reporter decided to write about the controversy and get some kicks out of it, but he ended up getting a pie in the face in the last way he expected.

Meet Jeremy Barr

Jeremy Barr is a media reporter for Washington Post. This liberal Jeff Bezos propaganda outlet loves to attack conservatives in any way possible; with the Bongino situation, it sensed the perfect opportunity.

Despite being vaccinated, Bongino was off air protesting Cumulus’ vaccine mandate and said he might quit. It seemed like the perfect example of a fight between a conservative and the company he worked for.

Barr dug around and wrote up the situation. More or less, it looked like Bongino backed down, since he’s back on air and Cumulus still has a vaccine mandate.

Basically, Barr said Bongino lost the fight, then backed down, and crawled back to his job once defeated. Bongino saw the story and was furious, calling Barr a “dipsh*t” and a “coward” whose head was stuck inside his posterior.

Barr said he reached out again to ask where he’d been wrong and Bongino didn’t respond.

The Bottom Line

From Barr’s perspective, he was just doing his job. The thing is he shows exactly how the liberal media narrative always comes first.

The basic idea here is liberals think they are always smarter than conservatives. In this case, they don’t understand how Bongino can oppose vaccine mandates while still being vaccinated.

It’s actually very simple. As people like Elon Musk say: they fully support the vaccines, but don’t believe a vaccine mandate should ever exist in the US.

Bongino returning to work and going back on his show doesn’t mean he now agrees with Cumulus. It means things have happened behind the scenes that have caused him to take the fight out of the public eye.

Bongino is known for having quite a temper, but he’s right that oversimplifying things to do hit jobs like this is why nobody trusts the media.

To say he was just pulling a stunt by going off air in his fight with Cumulus is very presumptuous. The vaccine mandate is a serious issue and it’s very un-American.

If Bongino is now back on air, that doesn’t mean he suddenly agrees with it or is fine with it. The liberal media needs to stop assuming it’s so superior; it’s not.