Conservatives in Texas Get Death Threats From Deranged Leftists

It used to be you could disagree with someone without threatening to kill them.

However, the political climate in this nation has gone sharply downhill, as a result of the radical left and its complete intolerance for different opinions.

The latest example of this comes from the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton, Texas. Even in a deep red state, this university follows the national trend.

It’s a hotbed of budding young Marxists, genderqueer activists, and safe space special snowflakes.

These special snowflakes are very angry at Texas Governor Greg Abbott for banning childhood sex-change operations and therapy. So, they went out shouting about it, calling everyone a “fascist.”

Two people who opposed them and have a different point of view are now in fear for their lives.

Meet Alex Stein and Kelly Neidert

Alex Stein is a conservative comedian who made waves for his hilarious vaccine rap at Dallas City Council several months ago. Kelly Neidert is a conservative student activist at UNT.

Stein trolled the students’ transgender protest recently and it didn’t go well. They shouted at him, calling him a “fascist” and threatening him and Neidert repeatedly with rabid screams.

Stein laughed it off, but later posted the explicit and deranged death threats he was getting via messages on Twitter to show just how unhinged these child trans supporters truly are.

Though Neidert wasn’t done yet and wasn’t about to be scared off by these radical cultural Marxists. She invited a Republican man called Jeff Younger, who’s running for the state Congres, to come speak on campus as part of her conservative student group.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

Neidert Gets Chased Down by Violent Leftists

Younger’s appearance on campus at UNT caused a huge controversy, because he’s conservative, because Neidert was with Stein at the previous counter-protest, and because of Younger’s son James.

As sick as it is to involve kids in politics, Younger’s wife tried to get custody of James, claiming he was actually transgender, which Younger opposed. Trans activists at UNT considered it the perfect example of an evil conservative stopping kids from transitioning.

The radical trans activists shouted and got aggressive, interrupting Younger’s speech on campus and sending Neidert running, where she had to hide in a janitor’s closet to escape their snares.

Rabid Antifa activists were trying to hunt her down after days of threatening to kill her, so she can definitely justify her fear. Police also told her she and Younger were the subject of additional serious death threats from Antifa activists.

Police had a plan to get Neidert and Younger off campus, and once the crowd of 150 Antifa trans activists got enraged and became violent, the authorities sprang into action.

The Bottom Line

The radical left is no joke. They are domestic extremists who threaten our way of life and our future.