Controversial New Video Game Raises Eyebrows

In a Nashville school shooting last month, six Christians lost their lives. Three of these Christians were young children, with the shooter being someone who was transgender.

There have been all kinds of speculations about what motivated the shooter, the frame of mind the shooter was in, etc. However, since this person admitted to targeting the Christian school, much of the public has deemed the tragedy in Tennessee to also be a hate crime.

As the nation continues to respond to what happened, new light is being shed on a video game that appears to harbor and promote anti-Christian sentiments, per Breitbart News.

Terfenstein 3D Raises Eyebrows

In the video game Terfenstein 3D, so-called “tyrants” who are deemed as critical of various gender identities are the antagonists whom the protagonist trans person is able to shoot down.

Furthermore, the name of the video game references the pejorative “terf,” which stands for a trans-exclusionary radical feminist. So-called “terfs” do not believe that transgender women, who are by nature biologically male, have a right to be in the feminist movement or call themselves women.

Terfenstein 3D is also a remade version of an older video game called Wolfenstein. In Wolfenstein, the protagonist was an Army military official who fought against Nazis. In Terfenstein 3D, the new Nazis are religious people and folks who oppose gender ideology.

Fomenting Hatred and Violence

Regardless of how trans activists may try to spin things, games such as Terfenstein 3D do nothing to turn down the temperature in this country. However, they certainly play a role in promoting violence and getting people riled up.

Given the mass shooting that just happened in Nashville, it’s not a good idea to encourage the shooting and killing of religious people or those who disagree with transgender ideology.

Nevertheless, there’s no sign of Terfenstein 3D going away any time soon.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.