COVID Fascism Rears Its Ugly Head in Germany: No Food for the Unvaxxed

Germany’s history is no secret. Last century, it became a dictatorship that murdered millions of innocent people and tried to take over the world. That spawned the worst war in human history and reminded everyone about the dangers of extremism.

However, it seems the globalists just haven’t learned their lesson. They are trying once again to push through a fascist system that denies basic rights on the basis of your identity.

This time, the excuse is COVID and keeping people “safe.” The latest laws from the German state of Hesse will have you on red alert. We need to make sure this Nazism does not come to America, because we can already see the warning signs on the horizon.

Want Food? ‘Show Me Your Papers’

The German state of Hesse is putting in a law to allow grocery stores to ban the unvaxxed. Hesse includes the German city of Frankfort. These rules (which are called “2G”) will let stores have more relaxed rules, including not needing masks inside, but will not allow in the unvaccinated.

The head of Hesse, Volker Bouffier, said he’s sure grocery stores will use this law for all the best reasons and not go too far in putting it in place, thus still allowing certain days for unvaxxed shoppers.

What makes him so sure? A quick look at German history shows us horrible things can easily start from what seems like small rules at first. The Nazi genocide started with restrictions on Jews and political opponents to go into certain businesses and areas. It ended in mass murder and horror.

Germans, of all people, should take a look at history and realize that tyrants always tell you they’re running your life for your “safety.” The Nazis said exactly the same thing, claiming their crackdowns were justified to keep the public safe from “Marxists and Jews,” as well as typhoid fever.

This time we’re told it’s to keep us safe from a virus.

What’s Going on in Germany?

The truth is eight German states already allow 2G rules. Life gets worse and worse for the unvaxxed in Germany; rapid negative COVID tests (which are required to get into most businesses) are no longer free.

There will be a financial and personal penalty going forward for all those who want to remain unvaccinated. Germany has gone way overboard, but this shouldn’t surprise any of us.

The tyrants running the global system, who want to destroy America and Western civilization, are very aware of what they’re doing. They know it’s not stopping COVID. They know it’s not saving lives. That’s not their objective, and it never has been.

Their objective is a new high-tech society completely controlled by centralized governments with no freedom of speech or freedom of movement. Once again, Germany leads the pack toward this horrible new world.