COVID Vaccine Could Be Sued Under International Law

The mainstream media and our political establishment have only one allowable opinion about the COVID vaccines: they’re safe, they’re effective, and they’re necessary. If you don’t agree with this, then you are considered dangerous, stupid, and paranoid.

Fauci, Biden, and the medical establishment want you to know even if you have questions about the COVID vaccines, you are being troublesome and raising unnecessary confusion. They just want everyone to get their three shots and shut their mouth.

Yet, two lawyers in the UK aren’t accepting that; they have now launched a complaint about the COVID vaccines to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

These Lawyers are Demanding an ICC Investigation

The two lawyers are Melinda Mayne and Kaira McCallum. They’re asking the ICC to investigate the British government and its actions surrounding the COVID vaccines.

They believe their government (and by extension our government) broke the Nuremberg Code, which is intended to prevent cruel medical experimentation on civilians. The two lawyers have been working hard, getting evidence, and collecting testimony from leading figures in the immunology and medical field.

This evidence collection process led the lawyer duo to say the COVID vaccine is actually a “bioweapon” that is designed to kill off old people and cause many other issues. Is there anything to these claims or is it just conspiracy talk? Let’s take a look…

The Case Raises Serious Questions

McCallum and Mayne have also signed on new members to their team, including several other lawyers from the EU. At this point, they want the COVID vaccine paused while further investigation is done.

They call the current situation “medical apartheid” and say the growing number of serious side effects and deaths after the COVID vaccines should be raising serious questions for health authorities.

One of the serious questions is also whether the vaccines themselves are causing the COVID virus to mutate into new strains. Looking at the rise in COVID cases and serious infections in nations after vaccination does certainly raise questions.

It’s clear these lawyers have their views about the danger of the vaccines already established and the anecdotal evidence of illness and deaths after the vaccine is certainly concerning.

At the same time, it would never be enough to convince medical authorities or governments who’ve already been bought off by Big Pharma.

Why Are So Many Vaccinated People in Hospital With COVID?

We are told the vaccines stop serious COVID cases from reaching the stage of hospitalization. However, as people like Dr. Joseph Mercola point out, the most vaccinated countries also correspond to huge rises in hospitalized and fully vaccinated people with serious cases.

In Israel, this rate is now up to a whopping 50% of hospitalized individuals being vaccinated; in Scotland, in the UK, for example, 87% of those who died of COVID since July have been vaccinated.

Can we afford to keep ignoring strange evidence like this? At the very least, a pause on the vaccines and an independent investigation is fully justified.