Creepy Twitter Globalists Against Elon Musk Fully EXPOSED

Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter is very fair, but the board of Twitter has done everything they can to block him.

The Tesla and SpaceX billionaire’s commitment to free speech clearly scares these people, and they even tried to dilute shares so Musk’s offer stops being influential.

Though this South African-born entrepreneur wasn’t born yesterday and he’s onto their tricks. He already has a new plan to partner with private equity and buy Twitter outright for an additional $46 billion.

Whether that will work remains to be seen. In the meantime, here’s a look at the creepy globalists who are trying to block Musk’s bid…

Who’s Messing With Musk?

Musk already owns over 9% of Twitter, which is more than the rest of the board combined. It’s unclear why they deserve to hold so much power.

At first, the board responded to Musk’s big buy of stock by offering him a place on their little board, but he turned it down. Now, he says he’s going to completely erase all the salaries of the board in order to save money for the company.

These people on the board, who number ten in all, deserve their salaries cut to zero after treating their shareholders like idiots and turning down Musk’s initial, very good offer.

Current CEO Parang Agrawal is a diversity hire leftist who hates free speech and conservatives. He has no loyalty to America and is a typically arrogant elitist who believes he has the right to dictate what Americans say.

Jack Dorsey leaves the board next month and was formerly the CEO of Twitter.

He co-founded the platform and is an odd guy who is somewhere between a hippie and a nerd. He doesn’t support free speech; although even he admitted the mainstream media is going too far in censorship.

Twitter’s current head and board member Bret Taylor, meanwhile, is one of the guys who made Google Maps and is a very smart fellow. He chairs the board and provides the actual know-how to keep Twitter running.

More Board Bozos

Twitter’s board has plenty of more bozos, too. These include Mimi Alemayehou, a credit card executive who keeps the money flowing and loves the left.

She also has links to former POTUS Barack Obama.

Next up, you have feminist wingnut Fei-Fei Li, a Stanford professor who was born in China and knows a lot about drones and computer software programming.

It gets creepier with former World Bank President Robert Zoellick, who helped keep the world addicted to debt and currency scams, including in his time before at Goldman Sachs.

The rest of the board is exactly what you’d expect: financial and tech elites who lean left and have no love for the American people or nation.

The Bottom Line

Elon Musk deserves to run Twitter and cut the board’s salaries to zero.

Let’s see how they like it when somebody else has the power and their clown show comes to an end.