Deadbeat Dad Hunter Biden Tries to Dodge Child Support While Flying on Private Jet

In addition to using drugs, hiring hookers, verbally abusing loved ones, and making deals with America’s enemies, Hunter Biden is also a deadbeat dad.

This isn’t a new story: Hunter’s short affair with former exotic dancer Lunden Roberts is the stuff of nightmares.

Whereas what’s new is the disgusting way that Hunter is trying to get out of being responsible for his daughter Navy, who he had with Roberts.

The Sick Story of a Deadbeat Dad

Not only did he deny being the dad of her baby Navy Roberts, which was proven by a paternity test, but Hunter also slandered her mom and gets his dad to not even mention her.

He then also worked to make sure she doesn’t get the surname Biden and is now in the process of trying to deny how much child support he pays to his own daughter.

In order to do that, he has to prove he doesn’t have the money to pay what he owes for Navy’s child support.

This shameless slacking piece of feces flew from LA to New York, then to DC and Arkansas on a private jet. This happened on April 30, all to go to the court hearing in Arkansas to say he doesn’t have the money to pay for his daughter’s necessities.

The cost of this trip was an estimated $117,000, which amounts to around six months of what he was being asked to pay for Navy in child support. Granted that is a lot of child support, but Hunter has a lot of money, especially after years of trafficking influence on behalf of his treasonous dad.

Hunter has paid out about $750,000 in child support for Navy in the past four years, but only once he had no choice.

The Bottom Line

Hunter has plenty of money, as the private jet trip shows. He just believes the rules don’t apply to him and that he should be able to do anything he wants with no consequences.

He is the perfect example of a Democrat dad. This guy should be made to pay double child support after all the weaseling he’s done, including now pretending to be poor.

What a disgrace.