Deep State Saboteur Exposed For Trying to Bury Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Secretary of State Antony Blinken doesn’t get nearly enough attention for the harm he has done to America at home and abroad.

His disastrous and juvenile form of diplomacy led the country down a dark path and lessened respect for the United States around the world.

The latest exposure from the Biden-Harris regime now reveals it was actually Blinken who organized a number of former spies to denounce the Hunter Biden laptop as “Russian disinformation.”

The claim was a lie, as was almost everything else said by this set. The mastermind behind such a ridiculous lie was none other than Blinken himself.

This Isn’t Politics As Usual

There’s a certain amount of politics and political division that’s politics as usual and partisan griping.

This kind of news is not that: the Biden-Harris regime has the equivalent of a Watergate-style scandal every month. This regime should have been disbanded in its first month in office.

This revelation that Blinken tried to bury the Hunter laptop story by getting deep-state lackeys to lie is disturbing in the extreme.

It’s outrageous that someone sworn to protect and defend the Constitution would go to great personal lengths to interfere in a matter which affects US national security and regards the president’s son.

If Biden and crew really believed the laptop was no big deal, they wouldn’t have been allowing people like Blinken to run errands for them to discredit it.

51 Liars in a Row

Blinken arranged for 51 former spies to lie and claim the laptop was planted by Russia. At the time ahead of the election, he was the foreign affairs adviser to Biden’s campaign for POTUS.

Thankfully, now that the GOP is in charge of the House, we have some answers finally coming out on these egregious abuses.

Judiciary Committee head Jim Jordan is going public, showing how Blinken and Biden insiders directly interfered in the 2020 presidential election by spreading misinformation.

If Trump had done something like this, he’d be in jail.

The Bottom Line

The Biden-Harris regime is having Watergate-level scandals break on a monthly basis.

They interfered illegally in the 2020 election; the fact that Biden is still in office and Blinken is happily trotting around selling out America is an egregious shame.