Defeated Congressman Madison Cawthorn Calls For ‘Dark MAGA’

This past Tuesday, primary battles took place in various states, including North Carolina. Freshman Congressman Madison Cawthorn lost his primary battle to a man named Chuck Edwards.

Edwards was backed by powerful Senator Thom Tillis and the RINO machine.

Edwards is where all the big money was. He also benefited from a number of attacks against Cawthorn, accusing him of having a gay affair and being a degenerate pervert.

The majority of conservatives jumped ship when disturbing videos came out of Cawthorn, agreeing he was too unstable and fringe in his behavior and views to be a serious member of Congress.

Now, the enraged Cawthorn is firing off messages on his social media, calling for a crusade of ‘Dark MAGA’ to take over the country.

Cawthorn Vows To Lead a ‘Dark MAGA’ Revival

Cawthorn didn’t lose by a lot in his primary, but there’s no doubt he would have coasted through if it hadn’t been for the slew of damaging attacks on him in recent weeks.

He’s taking that very personally, and sees it as a betrayal of the America First movement that he claims to stand for.

In a lengthy Instagram post, where he names several dozen true patriots, including Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Mike Cernovich, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Tucker Carlson, Cawthorn lashed out at the “profiteering enemy.”

According to Cawthorn, it’s time for “gentile politics” (genteel politics) to come to an end and “dark MAGA” to take over.

He also said the globalists who stabbed him in the back will be rooted out of the America First movement first so it can unify against its enemies.

What is #DarkMAGA?

Dark MAGA is basically an internet meme and joke about a more hardcore version of the Trump movement. It is shared around on right-wing message boards and sites.

Keep in mind that Cawthorn may be wealthy and already have a term in Congress under his belt, but he is only 26-years-old.

The person who came up with the #DarkMAGA hashtag says it’s basically about getting revenge on traitors and presenting a less nice version of MAGA.

He gives the example of Napoleon being sent to die in exile on an island and then working to raise up a massive infantry and taking over Europe with it in vengeance.

Dark MAGA memes, images, and statements generally encourage Trump to become genuinely hardcore, punish enemies more strongly, and stop giving any leeway to progressives, RINOs, and the establishment.

Some see Dark MAGA as a serious call for political violence, while others claim it is mostly just an ironic comment meant to scare leftists.

The Bottom Line

It’s unclear what Cawthorn did or didn’t get up to in his personal life and whether the videos and messages exposed of him were really just jokes.

However, it’s clear he feels betrayed and he’s not going to take this lying down.