Democracy Dies in Darkness (at the Washington Post) to Protect Kamala Harris

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The Washington Post made everyone laugh out loud when it changed its slogan to Democracy Dies in Darkness a few years ago.

It was just such peak pretentious progressivism to come up with a motto that’s so self-righteous, untrue and over-dramatic.

But even people who laughed their face off couldn’t have predicted just how full of it the Post would be, eventually making their own slogan come true at their own paper.

WaPo Goes Full 1984 to Protect Kamala

Queen – I mean – Vice-President Kamala Harris is basically a saint for folks at the Post and their latte-sipping readers. Not only is she a woman of color who’s fully dedicated to social justice insanity, she also serves the corporations and neoliberal project with all her energy, making her the perfect front woman for the Brave New World that progressives want to build.

The only problem is that sometimes Harris says really crazy, offensive stuff. And we all know how words are important. After all, the worst thing about President Trump was his tweets according to progressives, so how can we allow people to see that Harris also has a bit of a mean streak?

Simple: you don’t let people see. You just hide what she says.

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Kamala Laughs While Describing a Starving Prisoner

WaPo recently erased quotes from a profile of Harris where she made a joke about a starving prisoner begging for water. Harris made the joke in 2019 while she was still running for President.

Remember that? The time when Harris said she believed Joe Biden’s accusers who said he’d sexually assaulted them? That’s the one.

During the interview, Harris talked about how tiring it is to run for President and how much energy it takes, especially to still leave time to see her husband and get exercise.

“It’s a treat that a prisoner gets when they ask for: ‘a morsel of food please'” Harris joked, then putting her hands forward as if holding a plate and talking in a British accent like someone out of a Charles Dickens novel: “And water! I just want wahtahhh….Your standards really go out the f—ing window.”

She then laughed. Because what could be funnier than joking about starving prisoners?

Well, WaPo must have realized this anecdote didn’t look great so they simply cut it out. Problem solved, right? Unfortunately for them some sharp reporters noticed what they’d done and called them on their Big Brother journalism.

WaPo Admits it Messed Up – Sort of

After a Reason magazine reporter noticed what the Post had done their leadership admitted it “should have kept both versions of the story on the Post’s site (the original and updated one), rather than redirecting to the updated version,” said WaPo VP of Communications Kris Coratti.

Coratti also gave a long-winded explanation about how they were updating the profiles they had done such as the one on Harris and her sister Maya Harris which had featured the weird joke. The explanation was basically a ridiculous excuse and lie to cover up that they’d been caught scrubbing something that made Kamala look bad.

The paper will be hard at work fixing Biden and Kamala’s words in the coming months given how things are going so far, but now that they’ve been caught red-handed they’re likely to be even more sneaky to polish their favorite progressive pals.

Harris has a long history as a prosecutor in California and as Attorney General between 2011 to 2017 before becoming a Senator. Among other things she joked about jailing parents who let their kids miss school and put non-violent drug offenders behind bars as much as possible.