Democrats Have a Plan to Lower Gas Prices (and It’s Idiotic)

Surging gas prices have got Americans desperate and driving less than ever. The high price of food is also causing a vicious cycle as inflation hits hard.

So far, we have mainly only heard excuses from the left. We even heard the Biden White House argue that inflation is good and high gas prices will just help people transition over to Electric Vehicles (EVs).

These kinds of elitist and idiotic statements are something the American people are now used to.

Though there’s about to be a slight change: the Democrats are going to actually try to lower gas prices a bit, or at least try to look like they’re putting in a real effort.

The reason is very simple: the midterm elections are coming up and things are looking extremely bad for the left.

What’s the Plan?

Democrats want to stop gas prices from rocketing further into the stratosphere because the midterms are looking very bad for them. So far, these ideas seem all focused on changing the public’s perception not on actually bringing the digits down.

Here’s what I mean: the Democrats have a plan to basically crank up the power of the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to look into price gouging.

As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said a few days ago, “public sentiment” is the real thing the Democrats are looking to change.

You may see the price change by a few cents, but the main thing we’re going to see in the coming weeks are media segments about how heroic and noble Biden and his team are in addressing gas prices.

We may also see more demonization of big oil or claims that the oil and gas industry is making huge profits at the expense of the American people.

Here’s the thing: private businesses have a right to make big profits. Though the idea that big oil is lying about the price of petroleum is absurd. The price is right there in all the world markets, and it’s very high.

A big part of the reason is the awful policies of Joe Biden and his anti-energy administration, which led us to the edge of this cliff.

Here’s the Problem

Biden already tried to get the FTC to blame oil companies and lower prices. It did nothing.

The reason is they found there wasn’t any widespread or systemic price gouging going on. It turns out energy is just really expensive right now: as we’ve all realized long ago.

Democrats like Representative Peter DeFazio of Oregon even admit the FTC angle is not very “forceful” and they hope something more can be done.

Without some kind of economic miracle in the next several months, Democrats are looking at historic landslide losses that haven’t been seen in decades. Americans are absolutely sick and tired of their weakness, lies, and misinformation.