Democrats in California are Focused on a New Mission: Full Healthcare Coverage for Illegals

Welcome to California by ahisgett is licensed under CC BY 2.0

California used to be like the promised land: beaches, babes, sun and economic opportunity. 

Now large areas of the state are dirty, dangerous, falling apart and full of illegal aliens and drug addicts. 

What happened? 

Democrats happened. 

The political party of Carter, Biden, Obama and Clinton is guided by anti-American beliefs and harmful, reckless economic and government policies. At the federal level or the state level, you only have to browse the news for five minutes to see examples of how Democrats are actively making life worse for hardworking Americans. 

The latest example comes from California, where state Democrat lunatics are currently focused on one main mission: to get Governor Gavin Newsom to give full health insurance coverage to illegal aliens. 

Welcome to California by coolmikeol is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Newsom already put out a budget that gives illegals over 60 the chance to get full coverage with a cost to taxpayers – regular, American citizen taxpayers – of $860 million. 

But state Democrat politicians in California want more. They always want more. 

The three million (probably much more) illegals in California right now need to be getting paid for their healthcare by legal Californians, according to Democrats. 

“Our ultimate goal is everyone. I think we are in the best position than we have ever been to make more significant process than we ever have. We are going to keep on pushing to include more uninsured,” explained state Senator Maria Elena Durazo, a Democrat who represents LA. 

The uninsured illegals right now are basically just the middle chunk, since old folks will be covered and illegal kids up to 26-years-old are already covered under the states Medi-Cal program. It used to cover up to 18 but was recently expanded up to 26, which Newsom said was obviously “the right thing to do.”

America Last

Leftist activists want to do everything they can to put America last and overrun this country while American taxpayers work and pay to have their own jobs and communities replaced. 

They are helped in their traitorous agenda by Democrat politicians, leftist media backstabbers and others in our establishment – including the GOP – who don’t give a crap about real Americans.

Listen to how these traitors talk:

“Everyone has been talking for the past year or more about how certain communities were disproportionally impacted by the pandemic, such as undocumented and low-income Californians.

Now, with the $75 billion, we have to fix those structural issues and ensure the safety net programs help all communities. Now is the time to do as much as we can,” said Sarah Dar, the director of health and public benefits policy at the California Immigrant Policy Center, a leftist think tank.

Americans already pay $18.5 billion a year in taxes for illegals to get emergency medical care. 

Is it just me or does this also make other people furious?