Democrats Line Up Behind State-Run Censorship

Free speech is the First Amendment for a reason. Without free speech, every other right can start to be taken apart, including the Second Amendment and the whole Bill of Rights.

The Democrats know this; they want to help make it happen, recently blocking a GOP-led attempt to protect free speech online.

This is about far more than politics: the left is now attacking the foundations of the American system and brazenly pushing the government into the position of being an official censor of what’s true and untrue.

Soviet Level Insanity

On March 9, Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against a bill that would bar the federal government from censoring online speech. The bill is named the Protecting Speech From Government Interference Act.

The bill was put forward by Congressman James Comer of Kentucky and narrowly got past the gate by 219 to 206. That’s 206 Democrats who voted against trying to rein in Soviet-level government censorship.

They’re fine with it since, so far, such censorship has only been done to their benefit. The main primary motivation for this is because of what happened with the Hunter Biden laptop story, which we now know the FBI pushed Twitter to censor and remove.

Numerous Intelligence Community officials falsely claimed the laptop was “Russian disinformation” without any evidence of that. Whereas the problems with free speech crackdown and government “fact-checking” go far, far beyond the laptop story.

One example is the poster Doug Mackey, who’s currently looking at ten years in jail for posting memes in support of Trump under the moniker “Ricky Vaughan.”

The Importance of the Bill

As Comer said, with the FBI proven to have pressured Twitter about who to target and what posts to censor, the federal government needs to be reined back in.

Federal officials aren’t stronger than the Constitution, at least they shouldn’t be. Having faceless state officials decide what you can and cannot say on private networks is deeply troublesome.

Democrats like Daniel Goldman of New York voted against the bill, saying the government must be able to stop “disinformation” or else enemies like Russia and China will be able to weaponize our social media.

Democrats expressed concern that adversaries could seize networks and free speech laws to spread false propaganda and sway US opinion on key matters.

Isn’t it interesting that the anti-military, anti-America Democrats are suddenly waving the flag high and proud when it comes to having a chance to potentially censor fellow citizens?

Very interesting indeed…

The Bottom Line

The federal government has become a clear and present danger to the US Constitution.

This bill holds them back for now, but the quisling Democrats who voted to let the government become an official censor need to be closely watched. They are a danger to the republic.