Democrats Move to Permanently Keep Power by Expanding Supreme Court

US Supreme Court (explored 5, 28, 2020) by Thru My Shutter is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

With all the drama that’s currently unfolding, it’s easy to lose sight of something extremely crucial to the future of this country’s survival.

The American left is poised to hijack the political system and permanently seize power. It’s no exaggeration to say that this country is at the edge of a precipice. 

With Biden now in office and holding sway over the branches of our government, the Democrats are now working to expand the Supreme Court and pack it with liberal judges. 

Legislation is being introduced in the Senate by Senator Ed Markey and in the House by Reps Jerrod Nadler, Hank Johnson and Mondaire Jones to add four seats to the Supreme Court, upping the amount of justices from its current nine to 13. 

Biden will then be free to stuff SCOTUS full of gun-grabbing, abortion-loving, feminist freaks and anti-American fanatics and shut down any conservative power in this country. 

Democratic Donkey – 3D Icon by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Danger: Democrats Ahead

President Biden already announced a “bipartisan” committee being set up to study changes to SCOTUS including making it so that appointments aren’t for life or adding seats to the court. 

SCOTUS has had nine judges since 1869, but Congress has made changes several times in the past before 1869, so it wouldn’t be unprecedented. Putting in a term limit so that appointments aren’t for life would likely require a Constitutional amendment or others have suggested that a statute could be passed to accomplish it. 

What’s unprecedented here is the Democratic power grab. First they’ve locked down the Capitol after luring Trump supporters to walk in and shooting them, then moved to ruthlessly consolidate power and wreck everything Trump had improved under his term.

Packing the supreme court is a disastrous prospect that would push through every far-left agenda imaginable from gun control and radical environmental regulations to rampant abortion and race-obsessed “hate crime” legislation for every time anyone takes a breath. 

It would be a nightmare for all normal Americans, even the few remaining normal liberals who just want a decent life not a rainbow freak squad takeover of their country.

Destroying Trump’s Legacy

Trump managed to put solid conservatives in office by appointing judges to SCOTUS who respected the Constitution and the United States. But jurisprudence is going to be thrown out the window and stomped on if Democrats manage to pack the highest court in this land.

The fact that the court gained a 6-3 conservative majority under Trump is not something anyone should take for granted and was a major accomplishment of his four years in office. Democrats considered the refusal to put Merrick Garland in in 2016 as a betrayal by Republicans, especially when Trump filled it with a conservative justice, but that doesn’t mean that the right needs to play by their rules.

It’s no surprise that the Democrats want to destroy Trump’s legacy, but what’s shocking is just how brazen, classless and un-American their method of doing so is turning out to be. 

No due procedure, no actual bipartisanship, no consideration: just shoving changes down our throats with last-minute legislation while we’re already trying to deal with a massive border crisis, the COVID pandemic, renewed BLM violence and a shaky economic comeback. 

As usual, the Democrats are using a difficult situation as leverage instead of actually helping. They want us all distracted by the awful things going on in the country so that we don’t notice as they quietly seize all political and legislative power and then move to steadily lock in all their gains and prevent conservatives from ever having a voice again. 

It’s not going to work, but nice try.