Dems Demonize GOP Over Plan to Abolish IRS

The Democrat Party is using a Republican-proposed bill to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and income taxes with a national sales tax to demonize the GOP.

That’s even though the tax reform plan itself does not have many supporters inside the Republican Party, according to a leftist media report.

‘Earning Your Paycheck Amount’

The Republican bill to rid Americans of the Internal Revenue Service by shutting it down after the 2027 fiscal year is called the Fair Tax Act.

It was introduced to Congress earlier this month by Republican Rep. Buddy Carter of Georgia and provides for abolishing payroll, income, gift, and estate taxes. 

It proposes supplanting those with a 23% national sales tax, also known as value-added tax in other Western nations.

According to Rep. Carter, Americans would “much rather” pay a consumption tax” instead of income and payroll taxes, if given a choice, as cited by The Washington Post.

Another Republican lawmaker, Rep. Andrew Clyde, also of Georgia, who supports the IRS abolition bill, pointed out the removal of the payroll taxes would mean “earning” precisely what would be “in your paycheck.”

In a blunt response to a reporter’s question, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said “no” when asked whether he supported the Fair Tax bill.

McCarthy reportedly agreed to the initiating of the bill to receive speakership vote support from some 20 GOP rebels from the House Freedom Caucus, who at first adamantly refused to back him.

Meanwhile, Grover Norquist, an anti-tax conservative pundit, penned an Atlantic op-ed warning the GOP not to allow a small minority of the party to force a vote on the Fair Tax bill.

That would be “a free gift to Democrats,” as the left is clearly seizing it as a tool for attacking the entire Republican Party.

Possibly Demented Biden Called Republicans ‘Fiscally Demented’

In his article, Norquist warned that Democratic TV ads would slander the GOP as wanting to hike prices in a devastating manner to the middle class.

Democratic ads seem to have started already, WaPo pointed out, noting the Fair Tax Act has been slammed by new House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) at a joint press conference.

During it, Schumer attacked Republicans for the “unconscionable and un-American” proposal, arguing it would amount to slapping a tax hike on 90% of Americans, especially the working and middle classes and retirees. 

Jeffries declared, in turn, that reforming America’s entire tax system towards a sales tax would mean a “double and triple” taxation on older Americans who had been paying income taxes their whole lives. 

The House Minority Leader also attacked the Fair Tax bill as a “GOP tax scam” that was “extreme” and had to be stopped at all costs. 

For his part, Schumer stated the IRS abolition bill would never be approved in the Senate for as long as he remained the majority leader. He used the occasion to lambast House Speaker Kevin McCarthy personally for succumbing to the will of “extreme MAGA Republicans.” 

Biden himself attacked Republicans recently by calling them “fiscally demented” – even though his criticism was taken with lots of humor, considering the severe concerns that he does indeed suffer from a serious case of dementia. 

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.