DeSantis Overperformed in the Midterm Elections, Here’s Why!

On what turned out to be a historically disappointing night for Republicans, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis outperformed all of his competition, beating his challenger Charlie Crist by almost 20 points.

Up until DeSantis became governor, elections in Florida were always a toss-up, leaving everyone wondering whether it would turn blue or red, up until the final vote was counted.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis crushes it in this year’s midterm elections

In fact, at the 2000 election, this lasted for weeks on end, which is a stark contrast to the solid red that the Sunshine State turned before midnight this time around.

It’s every Republican’s dream to be as successful as DeSantis was. Replicating what was dubbed a “win for the ages” by Floridians may take adjusting their strategy to be more adjacent to his; it boils down to extremely simple matters.

Naturally, competence was one of the main factors that went into DeSantis’ success. It’s reflected in the fact that the state has low taxes, while also having a healthy budget surplus and a government that could put any blue state to shame.

It’s important to remember exactly how effective DeSantis’ quick response to Hurricane Ian was, with the majority of Floridians labeling it as excellent. He had response teams on the spot within minutes, preventing loss of power where they could and saving those in need.

Florida is where woke goes to die

Even though Republicans clearly have a major lead when it comes to the number of voters in the state, clocking in at almost 300k more than the left, it doesn’t take away from the fact that DeSantis defended his throne with a 1.5 million vote lead.

Ignoring the notion that sticking close to the center is optimal for a politician if they wish to win over Independents, DeSantis crafted a purely conservative agenda. He promoted it state-wide, with miraculous results.

His iconic Parental Rights in Education bill was widely accepted. It added a sense of security to the state’s educational institutions, preventing educators from pushing the LGBTQ+ agenda onto children and minors.

Finally, the Florida governor made fighting the woke mob into a guiding principle, stating after his victory that law and order were embraced. DeSantis also noted that parental rights were protected and the woke ideology was successfully rejected from Florida.

In what felt like a quote straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, DeSantis added that the Sunshine State is where the woke agenda “goes to die,” assuring that the woke mob will not take control of Florida.

It remains unclear whether we’ll be seeing DeSantis fight for a spot on the 2024 presidential ballot; although with this sort of performance, he’s certainly a favored contender for the spot.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.