Details Released of New Biden Administration Door-to-Door Vaccine Campaign

The Biden regime is planning to go door-to-door in areas with low vaccination rates and push the COVID shot. 

This was confirmed by White House press secretary Jen “Circle Back” Psaki at a recent press conference. 

Now details are emerging of exactly what this anti-American new policy will be like. 

‘Open Up, This is a Government Health Official’

According to new details that have been released, the vaccine plan has already been getting rolled out in some low vaccine communities. 

It’s been happening since last April!

The Biden regime says that no federal officials are being used; they claim that it’s done through local churches and volunteers just getting out to urge folks to get the shots. 

Supposedly no people are individually chosen; it’s just low-vaccine areas in general. 

Republicans aren’t buying it and have challenged this version of the door-to-door vaccine campaign. 

It seems like every day we learn a new and creepy thing about the old man in the White House and his crazy cat lady VP. 

What is up with these people? 

‘Don’t Knock On My Door’

Responding to this news, Congressman Dan Crenshaw told the CDC and its minions “don’t knock on my door,” adding that the government shouldn’t be in the business of acting like it’s our parents. 

Americans should be free to make their own health decisions, as Crenshaw said. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, meanwhile, is a strong defender of liberty and American values and also told the government to stuff it. As Boebert pointed out, if the vaccine is optional then leave it that way and stop trying to pressure and shame everyone into getting it. 

Why the Pressure?

What is behind this intense pressure to get the vaccine. If you have it and are “safe” now then you can rest easy, no? Biden obviously wants to hit his target for how many people get vaccinated, but I’m very skeptical every time I hear about things like this. 

Are we really supposed to believe the government does this out of the kindness of its heart? It just wants to make us healthier?

Then, why are dangerous drugs being legalized? Why are Democrats trying to take guns from law-abiding citizens? Why are giant corporations allowed to destroy our economy with lockdowns that killed many by suicide?

The Bottom Line

The COVID vaccines may be effective and mostly safe. Do the research, draw your conclusions. 

If they work, great! The proof is there for everyone to see, and the dangers should be too. Allowing people to make their own informed health decisions is not rocket science. 

It’s common sense. 

Even if it’s true that individuals aren’t being specifically targeted here and it’s just general “areas” with low vaccination rates, that’s still quite authoritarian and anti-American.