Disturbing Truth of Biden’s New Press Secretary Just Leaked

White House press secretary Jen Psaki left her job on Friday to move on to greener pastures in the left-wing news field. The woman who will be replacing her is Karine Jean-Pierre.

Biden says Jean-Pierre is a talented and intelligent lady who will do a great job up there; she’s been strongly praised by Psaki and others.

Of course, it’s nice to give someone a boost when they’re starting a new job. Conservatives would also love to keep an open mind here about Jean-Pierre.

However, a disturbing track record has now been exposed from Jean-Pierre. To put it politely, this woman is extremely unhinged.

The Truth About Karine Jean-Pierre

The truth about Karine Jean-Pierre is that she’s 100 times worse than Jen Psaki. Not only is she dating one of the highest-profile journalists at CNN, but she is also absolutely obsessed with race and racism.

While criticism of Psaki brought frequent accusations of sexism to the right, she was not only focused on race issues. Jean-Pierre, on the other hand, basically believes everything that happens is because of folks hating black people.

That is the lens through which she sees the world, as well as a boatload of other strange conspiracies, like believing President Trump won the 2016 election by some bizarre, Kremlin-controlled drone operation.

Jean-Pierre plays the race card all the time because it’s the only card she has.

She isn’t interested in looking at things from any angle other than racially. Being a professional victim has gotten her to the highest communications job in America, so why would she stop?

The Privilege Game

Jean-Pierre is all about playing the privilege game where she claims to be oppressed because of her skin tone. She can have as much power, wealth, and connections to CNN as she wants, but she’s inherently oppressed and a victim.

If you criticize her radical, pro-left positions, you are a racist. If you want a border wall, you’re racist.

If you dislike socialism and abortion-loving insane person Elizabeth Warren, you’re racist, if you like Ron DeSantis, you’re racist. If you like anyone other than Democrats, you’re racist.

If you support more integrity in our elections and requiring ID to vote, you’re racist.  Basically, if you are anything other than a full-on leftist who hates America, you’re a privileged racist, get it?

This is such a pathetic and disturbing game, especially at a time when our nation needs less division, not more. Though we already know by now there is no low to which Biden and his regime will not stoop.

The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth is Jean-Pierre is going to accuse anyone who asks her a single hard question of being racist. The liberal media is going to help her every step of the way.