DNC Chair Claims Biden Will Continue Doubling Down on Policies

In yesterday’s interview on ABC News, DNC chair Jaime Harrison made quite the bold claim, stating even if Republicans do manage to take control of Congress, the Biden administration will simply double down when it comes to efforts.

What this means is effectively two more years of Joe and Kamala overspending on useless policies in order to appease their dwindling support; if we look at their results from the past two years, they have little to show for it.

“President Joe Biden” by U.S. Department of the Interior

Even if GOP does take House, it seems there are two more years of woke policies in store

Biden’s “aptly named” Inflation Reduction Act is bound to do next to nothing when it comes to actually reducing inflation in the US. It will, in fact, continue increasing it for the next three to four years, at which point it’ll already be too late to start repairing things.

According to Harrison though, Harris and Biden have been doing everything in their power to improve this country and give relief to the hardworking Americans; so it’d be nice to do a quick little recap of all the “relief” we got.

Let’s start with the border crisis, which effectively threw a wrench in our strategy when it comes to dealing with the drug cartels. It created an opioid crisis that wiped out hundreds of thousands of addicts that came in contact with the synthetic compound commonly known as fentanyl.

Two years in and the Biden administration is showing no signs of actually tackling the crisis. Some Democrats are even welcoming the idea of illegal immigration, one of them being the queen of woke herself, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who is on board with all of Biden’s open border policies.

Biden administration dragging the US down with it

Next up, we have Bidenflation, which put the US on course for the biggest recession in modern history in the upcoming year. The quickest fix the White House came up with was to simply redefine what a “recession” really is.

Naturally, this did absolutely nothing for the lower-income families that were stretched thin with the growing cost of living; some of them were even forced to take on second and third jobs to keep the lights on at home.

The growing costs of basic necessities were then only made worse by the energy crisis that Biden failed to divert on time. He caused gas prices to soar to historic highs, making already-impoverished families choose between food and work-related commutes.

It goes without saying that Biden’s actions have done little to actually improve the US. His “leadership” put us all in a less than favorable position, so much so that even his own party members are losing faith in the current administration.

Unfortunately, despite this embarrassing display of their capabilities, or lack thereof, Democrats are still considering the option of having Biden run for his second term in office in 2024; that would spell disaster for anyone still around by then.