Don’t Let Biden Lie to You: Catch and Release is Back

Press Conference on the State of the US Economy and Jobs - Wilmington, DE - September 4, 2020 by Biden For President is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Biden’s border crisis is only getting worse. The mainstream media would like you to look anywhere other than the migrant facilities crammed at over 1,600% above capacity.

They’d like you to look away from kids huddled on the floor without enough space to sleep as teens try to look after them. 

They don’t want you to see heartless human traffickers from narcoterror cartels throwing infant babies over the wall to force US border patrol to save them, or chasing down families of any illegal immigrants who don’t pay their fees and cutting their hearts out and eating them as they die while other family members watch.

These narcoterror cartels are worse than ISIS and they should be tracked down and executed one by one no matter how long it takes. 

But instead, “Migrant President” Biden is just bringing back the failed policies of the past, including the horribly failed policy of Catch and Release. 

US-Mexico border in San Diego by brunosan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Catch and Release is Back

The border situation isn’t getting any better at all, in fact it’s getting much worse. You wouldn’t know it from Vice President Kamala “Insane Jackal Laugh” Harris – who is supposed to be taking point on the border crisis – but things are much worse than they ever were under President Trump. 

You have kids being tossed over the border wall by traffickers and border patrol is at the end of their rope, often having to save people from drowning or rescue babies flailing on the ground where heartless criminals chucked them after extorting their families for all their money back in Mexico. 

As President Trump said in a recent interview (that Facebook banned from being posted online) that what we’re currently seeing is “nothing” compared to what’s coming this summer on the border with the migrant waves. 

Now many agents are just skipping the paperwork as well. They’re simply letting migrants go after they’re caught crossing illegally. No court date, no fingerprinting, no nothing. Just “adios” and good luck.

What probability of chance is there that some of those they’ve released are MS13 animals or narcoterrorists disguised as normal migrants? Very, very high. 

Catch and Release failed for a reason: because it’s stupid, illegal and reckless. So it makes perfect sense that Biden has created a situation where it’s being brought back.

Why Are they Releasing Illegals Again?

Illegals are being released again because border patrol is under too much strain and undermanned as the constant surges of newcomers swamps facilities and border crossing areas. 

If they do get any paperwork, families and illegals are given a booking record and then let to go wherever they want and be absorbed into the economy and social safety net of this country which is already struggling more than enough to take care of legal American citizens without having to add all the scared people from the failed narco-state of Mexico. 

Last week border patrol told those they release that they’re required to go to an ICE office within two months to get booking documents for all adults. There is no proper vetting going on as these people stream into our country:

Terrorists were already caught in the past and there’s no doubt that some coyotes and narcoterrorists and others are also sneaking in to expend their operations across the United States. These horrific animals who abuse poor and desperate Mexicans and take advantage of the kindness of the United States are the worst people in the world. 

There is no longer the rule of law in this country and law-abiding Americans must be very vigilant since your own government no longer cares about whether you live or die.