Downtown Portland, Oregon Has a Homelessness and Crime Crisis

Another day, another story about a blue state gone bad. We all know that Oregon is a beautiful place. It has a lot of great people, too; patriotic Americans who love this country.

However, cities like Portland, Oregon have also been left to the wolves and the consequences are beginning to show. The disastrous policies of Oregon’s Democrat Governor Kate Brown (combined with the situation on the ground in the ultra-leftist city) are starting to have real-world impacts that are making life worse for everyone.

The latest example is a delicious downtown burger restaurant; this place had to close because of the massive homelessness, crime and drug use that’s been overrunning its Portland restaurant.

Welcome to Burgerville

Burgerville is a franchise burger place around the Pacific Northwest with about half of its locations in Portland. Locals know it as a place you can always go for a great burger at a decent price.

Unfortunately, it’s closing up one of its flagship shops in Portland; this is because it’s constantly swarmed by homeless people, surrounded by crime, drug gear, and poop on the streets.

Nobody – and I mean nobody – wants to step around a pile of excrement on their way to get a burger. It’s enough to make anyone puke. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is too busy making excuses for Antifa, BLM and homelessness to ever do something about it.

So private business suffers and closes its doors. This is becoming all too common of a story in blue states now: dying businesses and streets overrun by misery and crime.

How Bad is the Situation Near the Burgerville?

The Portland Burgerville that’s closing is right near a light-rail station that has become a tent city. Along with that have come the needles, the excrement, the crime and the wandering people.

Just recently a homeless individual had to be handcuffed after going in a nearby restaurant and saying he’d kill the owner for being black and burn down his restaurant. So, now we have racist homeless people wandering around threatening arson in downtown Portland and drooping needles all over?

None of this is a joke. For the record, businesses have contacted Mayor Wheeler about this for years now but heard nothing back. He’s derelict in his duty.

Many companies downtown have even started ponying up cash for their own security details. There is no way to overexaggerate how bad the situation is in places like Portland and some areas of Seattle, Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, LA and so on…

These blue cities are not safe places to be for you or your family. Hell, you can’t even walk around downtown and grab a burger these days without being accosted by an angry guy with a needle in his arm. This is not the America our Founding Fathers envisioned in 1776!