Dr. Fauci Gives Insane Interview, Claims to be the Head of ‘Science’

Dr. Tony Fauci will go down in history as one of the worst people who’s ever lived. He has intentionally misled the American people for over two years now and has a long track record of lies, distortions, and cover-ups.

His latest interview showed a man so arrogant and psychotic. It’s absolutely incredible to think he’s in charge of our fight against COVID and infectious diseases. This man is horribly out of touch and incompetent.

Fauci even went so far as to claim he is “science” and anyone who disagrees with him hates “science.” Yes, he actually said that.

Fauci Feels No Shame

In a false and disturbing interview, Fauci defended himself and everything he’s done. Even with COVID at record highs, the vaccines having dangerous side effects, and our economy still crippled, Fauci feels no shame.

Despite the fact he’s been called out by Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz for helping fund dangerous research that appears to have led to the start of COVID, Fauci feels like he’s got it made.

Sleepy Joe has Fauci’s back and braindead liberals across the country still seem to believe Fauci actually wants to help them. Paul is 100% correct that Fauci should step down and face punishment under the law for what he’s done.

Fauci calls it “noise” that doesn’t matter, but the only real noise I’m hearing in this interview is the endless stream of lies and nonsense coming out of this progressive prat’s mouth.

Reject Faucism While You Still Can

Faucism is the ruling ideology of the Biden regime. It tells you science is whatever the ruling elite says it is. It cripples your life, business, and rights under the excuse that it is necessary to save your life.

Then, when that proves to be false, Faucism accuses you of being against “science” for noticing reality. Fauci doesn’t “represent science” any more than a polar bear represents snow.

Just because Fauci dresses in a coat and walks around spewing words, it doesn’t mean he’s better than you. There are plenty of highly-respected physicians who disagree with Fauci and think he’s a dangerous lunatic.

Fauci’s ideology is always obsessed with vaccines because he’s an immunologist with a long and shady record of failing at his job and getting promoted for it.

The Bottom Line

Fauci has changed his mind and lied about so many things it’s impossible to remember them all. He flip-flopped on masks, immunity, vaccines, when we can return to normal, how COVID is spread, and so many other crucial topics.

Fauci also lied about how the virus started, what it is, and his own agency’s guilt in its origins. He’s a drastic criminal who shouldn’t be getting interviewed by anyone unless it’s behind bars.