Driver Plows into Florida Gay Pride Parade

The gay pride parade in Fort Lauderdale Florida became a tragedy after a truck drove into the crowd, injuring several people and killing one individual.

Police have not yet ruled on whether it was intentional or an accident; however, several participants have now come forward saying it was accidental.

Leftists are saying the incident was an intentional attempt to assassinate Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was at the parade and almost hit by the driver. 

The truck rammed into the crowd on Saturday evening; this happened just before the parade was about to kick off in Ft. Lauderdale’s Wilton Manors area, killing one and leaving several others injured – one critically. 

What Happened?

Around 7 PM on Saturday is when this happened. Wilton Manors is located around a dozen miles outside Fort Lauderdale and is the scene of the yearly Stonewall Pride Parade. 

In June of 1969, riots in New York called the Stonewall riots were seen as a landmark of gay people gaining more social acceptance and civil rights. This parade in Wilton Manors was meant to recognize that. 

Local Democrats and many members of the public were taking part when a white pickup truck that was in line to participate in the parade suddenly gunned the gas and rammed into people. 

The driver appears to have been a member of the Ft. Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus singing group and his truck had a pride flag. 

The Men’s Chorus also confirmed this saying that to their knowledge the incident did not constitute an attack against the LGBTTQ+ community.

A Tragic Accident? 

For his part, the driver said his foot got stuck in between his gas pedal and brake by mistake, causing the vehicle to rev and plow into people. 

Local city official Chris Caputo also said this was most probably an accident. 

That didn’t stop leftists from trying to seize on the moment, however. Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis called it “clearly no accident” and said it was a “terrorist attack” against gay people. 

Wasserman Schultz was crying when emergency crews came and tried to save the individual dying on the road. He only missed her by inches. 

She later said she was “deeply shaken” by what happened. 

Even those of us who do not support the LGBT ideology still agree with the right of people to march in peace if they wish to do so and be free of harm. 

This accident was tragic. It is sad that some on the left want to try to use what happened to stoke further hate and division. Thus far, it appears by all evidence that what transpired on Saturday night had absolutely no meaning to carry out malice or desire to murder anyone.