Eight Men in Florida Arrested as Part of Sting Operation “May’s Monsters”

Nothing puts a smile on one’s face like justice getting served.

Florida’s Polk County Sheriff’s office has outdone itself, with its Computer Crimes Unit tracking down and charging eight suspects for the possession of child pornography.

The operation, aptly named “May’s Monsters” was a massive success. It helped remove these dangerous individuals from online chatrooms, as well as from the county’s streets, keeping the children of Polk County safer than ever.

Florida cracks down on pedophiles

Search warrants were handed out to all eight suspects, leading to all of their digital devices being seized as evidence in the investigation, bringing the total to around 1,300 felonies filed against the eight men.

However, if you look at the reports, you’ll also find one of the men was a Disney employee, something Mickey Mouse won’t be too happy to hear.

Among the other men, one was a boudoir photographer working alone, whereas the rest were employed at major retail chains in the area, really highlighting the fact that just about anyone could be hiding a secret like this.

The materials found on the suspect’s devices included children and toddlers being involved in sexual and violent acts, with one of the detectives on the case claiming them to have been the most horrific photographs he’d ever seen.

A deep-seated problem

Unfortunately, this issue goes a lot deeper than just a few pedophiles in a small county.

Their sharing of this content fuels an entire pipeline of child exploitation and abuse, which only prolongs the suffering of these unfortunate kids.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd used the operation as an example for the parents of the county, stating Operation May’s Monsters is a testament to how important it is to monitor your child’s online activity and their gaming stations.

There’s no telling whether the person on the other side of that screen is a predator just waiting to strike. It’s best to be cautious, no matter how unassuming the platform or videogame may seem.

Children have the right to a peaceful and happy upbringing. Those sharing and consuming child pornography are directly infringing on those rights.

The youngest generations are our treasure. We should treat them as such, rather than letting these deranged individuals objectify and sexualize them to no end.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.