Elite Liberal Billionaires Escaping to Deluxe Island Hideaways While the Rest of Us Suffer

While the rest of us are being lectured about vaccines and told to mask up, elite liberal billionaires are living the good life. One example is Google founder Larry Page who’s been purchasing deluxe islands in Fiji to live on, far away from the peasants.

Page has done his best to make sure no media lists what he’s been up to, but his activity on the island of Tavarua is now public knowledge. He’s also reported to have purchased land in the Mamanuca island chain and Namotu island area of Fiji as well.

So what if a rich billionaire buys land in the South Pacific? Well, the reason it matters is that it’s part of a pattern by those who are collapsing our civilization. Billionaire wealth has gone up by over $500 billion during this pandemic. It has been a godsend. While normal Americans suffer, billionaires and their globalist friends are doing excellent.

The Sinister Pattern That’s Emerging…

Page himself is worth $117 billion, but he’s a perfect example of what’s happening around the world. The ultra-rich liberal elite are enjoying privileges and freedoms the rest of us can now only dream of. Page himself got to Fiji via a special system where private jets and large yachts are permitted for the ultra-rich, even while everyone else is prohibited from entry.

Page and his cronies like Bill Gates are all on board with the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset which wants the rest of us to “own nothing,” but they themselves own plenty. In fact, Bill Gates is now one of the largest owners of farmland in the US and Page now owns multiple Fijian islands.

It’s actually more accurate to say: you’ll own nothing, they’ll own everything

Welcome to the United States of Gates

Back in the US, Gates is buying up farmland like crazy, while the guy who started CNN, Ted Turner, has over two million acres of farm land as well. Meanwhile, they’re pushing the Great Reset agenda that says the future will be a “circular economy” where you won’t own anything.

The World Economic Forum and globalists also have celebrated how the lockdowns are supposedly helping the environment by lessening climate change. For those who still aren’t getting the picture let me spell it out: they want to control your freedom of movement. They want to control your food supply. They want to control your land.

They want to control every single thing about your life, beliefs, speech and actions on a daily, minute-by-minute basis. Meanwhile they will do whatever the hell they want and sail on their superyachts to private islands where they can do what they want.

Or, maybe they’ll stop by Obama’s huge 60th birthday bash which we heard was cancelled and massively downscaled but still happened at a very large, infectious size.

These parasites like Jeff Bezos and Larry Page have crashed the economy for the rest of us, enabled censorship and profited from communistic monopolies. Now, they get to enjoy the benefits while normal people struggle under totalitarian socialism. These people are evil!