Elon Musk Runs Out of Christmas Cheer, Brutally Slams Leftists

Democrats and leftists can’t seem to stop focusing on Elon Musk.

He is the richest man in the world, having recently passed Jeff Bezos. A big part of it is the fact the left hates success; if Musk is anything, he’s a success story.

He’s revolutionizing the way we travel on earth and in space; Musk is also heading up new,  innovative technologies that are transforming the way we live.

The left hates that he’s making things better and making a lot of money while doing it; they’ve recently been on a crusade, demanding he pay more taxes.

Musk’s patience, however, is running out.

Musk vs. the Left

Recently, Musk made headlines for clashing with socialist busybody Senator Elizabeth Warren on social media. He called her a “Karen” and a meddling idiot for demanding he pay more taxes.

Others have also jumped in, like far left extremist Congresswoman Jayapal, who was called a “f***ing parasite” after her demands that Musk pay more in tax.

The idea that Musk – net worth $278 billion – isn’t paying enough taxes is insane. He’s already slated to pay out $11 billion in taxes this year alone.

There is no deep dark mystery about how he got his money or what taxes he pays. Like Musk recently said, he could do his own taxes in only a couple of “hours” and there’s no big mystery about them.

The fact is he’s paying a lot of money and people like Jayapal, who feed at the public trough, probably pay far less proportionally. They’re just going after Musk because he’s a producer who actually does useful things.

In other words, the leftists are jealous of a man who’s actually doing something useful and profitable that people care about.

Here’s the Thing…

Here’s the thing: as the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, Musk does a lot more for the world than a social justice barbie in Congress. His Boring Company is also doing incredible work with its ideas for underground transport.

Musk hasn’t hidden his money away in secret vaults and offshore companies, like George Soros and Bill Gates; he’s just a really rich guy doing really productive work and paying taxes on it.

The reason he’s in the eye of the storm is simple: Musk isn’t a full globalist; he has a sense of humor and humanity. The left despises that. They want robot establishment types like Bill Gates.

As soon as they notice someone who’s different and thinks for himself like Musk, they spring into their natural mode: hate-filled bullies.

Musk isn’t the evil villain the left is trying to paint him out to be. He’s an innovator and a genius. They want to humiliate and bully him. It’s up to us to stand up for him and stop the leftist games.