Elon Musk Takes on Socialist Busybody Senator Elizabeth Warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is an abortion-loving socialist who lied for years about being Native American. To most people, she is a complete joke.

However, to her braindead supporters, Warren is someone to look up to: a paragon of “social justice” and leftist politics. However, Warren isn’t getting a free ride, and some of her vile propaganda is starting to tick people off.

One of those people is tech innovator and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who recently went after Warren in a big way, calling her “Senator Karen.”

Musk Tells ‘Senator Karen’ to Shut Her D*mn Mouth

The conflict started when Warren decided to pick out a tweet online, accusing Musk of being a greedy person who doesn’t pay his fair share in taxes. She said tax laws are “rigged” and Musk getting to be the TIME person of the year is ridiculous, since he is a “freeloader.”

Musk didn’t take kindly to the attack and responded that “Senator Karen” should shut her mouth and was only “projecting.” It’s certainly true that people like Warren have no trouble feeding off the American taxpayer, but her opinion makes sense in a way.

Raising taxes on the masses and addicting them to the sick medicine of Democrat lies is what pays the bills for creepy Twilight Zone leftist shrews like Warren.

Musk is far from a conservative; he’s more on the libertarian side and doesn’t appreciate the kind of busybody socialism of people like Warren. He also humiliated her by linking to an article regarding her lying about her ethnicity.

Musk said Warren is a “Karen” who reminds him of angry ladies who just shout at people for zero “reason.” Remember when Trump mocked her so much that she actually took a DNA test? Good times.

Musk Mocks Warren

Musk went even further, clearly upset. He tweeted a praying hands emoticon and sarcastically begged Warren not to report him to the “manager.” This dig at her Karen personality type is absolutely hilarious and true.

Musk is worth over $250 billion, which is what also makes it more funny that he’s engaging with this useless socialist from Massachusetts.

Musk is currently even richer than Bezos or Zuckerberg, while Warren is just a sad leftist who lied about being an Indian. It’s not even really a fair fight.

Musk also mocked Warren by suggesting her profile photo looks like she just had a sex session. This fight is likely to only intensify as it moves forward, because both of these people are strong-willed and don’t like to back down from a conflict.

As for Musk, he’s clearly not holding back. That’s one of the benefits of being extremely filthy rich: you can say whatever the hell you want to whoever the hell you want.