Elon Musk Takes Over Twitter and Everyone Wants To Know: Is Trump Coming Back?

Tesla CEO and SpaceX head Elon Musk is finally the owner of Twitter. He took over on Thursday as part of a deal worth $44 million. Musk quickly changed his Twitter biography to “chief twit” and set about cleaning house.

This involved firing the whole crew of progressive extremists who had taken root at the company, including CEO (now former CEO) Parag Agrawal, CFO (now former CFO) Ned Segal and content chief (now ex content chief) Vijaya Gadde.

Gadde, who was the one to get President Trump banned, has been shown the door, along with Agrawal and a number of other individuals who do not fit Musk’s pro-free-speech vision for the company.

Musk Proves He’s a Man of Action

With this bold move, Musk has proven he’s a man of action. His commitment to making Twitter a place for free speech, scrapping bots and making the platform more open, is a great idea.

It’s still unclear who will be put in charge of Twitter, but Musk also made known he plans to trim the fat; some of the 7,500 of Twitter’s staff will definitely be getting pink slips.

Musk said the reason he bought Twitter was to “help humanity” because he cares about the future of the human race. He believes free speech and uncensored news is part of that.

Under Jack Dorsey and then Agrawal, Twitter became known for strict censorship, even influencing the 2020 election by censoring a story on Hunter Biden’s laptop and illegal activities.

The platform has also become known for booting off many conservatives whose opinions are unlikeable to Ms. Gadde, while allowing leftists who issue death threats and sickening tweets to remain on.

This caused many Twitter users to leave for greener pastures on Parler, Truth Social, and Gettr, but now some may well come back since Musk is in charge.

Is Trump Coming Back?

Musk is expected to reinstate many accounts which were banned off the platform; folks are wondering if this will also include Trump.

As perhaps the most famous Twitter alumni of all and its greatest troll of all time, Trump is somebody who would skyrocket the platform’s value and be a big power move by Musk.

Then again, since he started Truth Social, Trump has his own social media project to pay attention to and may decline a request to come back to Twitter.

A lot depends on his perception of Musk, who is a liberal and libertarian-leaning individual who has grown disenchanted with the left.

Musk even said he’ll be voting for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida if DeSantis ends up running. The two also partnered using Musk’s StarLink system to help victims of the recent Hurricane Ian.

DeSantis, of course, is Trump’s main competitor; so Musk’s support for him may not bode well for Trump returning to Twitter. Then again, it’s hard for 45 to turn down a platform this size, so it could still happen.

Good News

Musk’s purchase of Twitter is good news. Let’s hope he lives up to his free speech promises.